Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rats Attacking Kindergarten?

/ 13.09.2007 // 14:02 //
Rats Attacking Kindergartens in Donbass!
Cases of rats’ attacks on children have become more frequent in the Donetsk oblast. For example, rat attacked Gregery Nahorskiy, 4 near the entrance to kindergarten in the afternoon in Svetlodarsk. “Gregory saw it and became curious. He went to it and rat bite into his forefinger. The boy is taken to the hospital. Doctors assure us we should take preventive measures, because rats can infect people with hydrophobia and many other diseases”, told Sergey Nahorskiy, Gregory’s father.

However, boy’s parents wonder how rat has appeared in kindergarten. As for many-storied building residents located nearby, they have been complaining of rats for a long time already. But municipal service official do not take any measures.

Meanwhile, rate ran to the bed of teenager, 12 Alexei in Makeevka. “Probably, it got into Alexei’s bed at night. When he was turning over in the morning, it bite him”, explained Marina Mavrova, his mother. “While we tried to take him easy, rat went out the bed. My sons managed to make it go into the corner and killed it with boots”.

Instead of attending school, seventh-form boy has to take preventive measures against hydrophobia in the hospital. His parents insist on measures against rats by sanitary epidemiological station.

What do you do when you lose? Blame the press for cursing you!

Ukraine boss blames press, Shevchenko rues missed chances
Thursday September 13, 10:07 PM

KIEV, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Coach Oleg Blokhin has blamed journalists for Ukraine's disappointing Euro 2008 qualifying campaign, accusing them of putting a curse on his team.
"You guys kept saying I was a lucky coach when we qualified for the (2006) World Cup," he told reporters after a 2-1 defeat by world champions Italy on Wednesday left Ukraine with almost no chance of reaching next year's finals from a tough Group B.

"I think you just put a curse on my team," he added.

Blokhin, who blasted his players for a "shameless performance" in last Saturday's 1-1 draw with Georgia in Tbilisi, again pulled no punches in his post-match comments.

"We dominated in the first half but just couldn't put away our chances, while they scored with their first shot on goal," said the former Soviet striker, voted European player of the year in 1975.

"You can't win if you keep wasting your chances."

The home defeat left the Euro 2012 co-hosts in fourth place, eight points behind surprise group leaders Scotland, who have 21 points after beating World Cup runners-up France 1-0 in Paris, with Italy second (20 points) and France (19) third.


Although Ukraine have a game in hand of their rivals, Blokhin conceded their qualifying hopes had all but disappeared.

"We now have only a one-in-a-million chance to qualify," he said. "But we still have four more games to play and we'll try to finish on a high note."

Andriy Shevchenko, Ukraine's liveliest player on Wednesday, blamed bad luck for his many misses.

"In some ways, we outplayed them but their better class made the difference in the end," said the Chelsea striker.

"They used their few chances to the maximum while we were just unlucky," added the Ukraine captain, who tested Gianluigi Buffon on several occasions but was only able to beat Italy's keeper once when he equalised in the 72nd minute.

However, it was only a short reprieve for the home team as Italy midfielder Antonio Di Natale scored the winner with his second goal five minutes later.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Protest Naked!

6 September 2007 | 15:53

Ukrainian tax-payers remained without trousers

Naked back is a symbol of honest Ukrainian tax-payer. The supporters of “KUCHMA” bloc have demonstrated it today. They, absolutely naked, have gathered in front of the Tax Administration of Ukraine. They wore only posters and slogans.

“How can we attract authorities’ attention to the reality in the life of ordinary people? Prices are growing. The same situation was only during the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The promises on single tax had not been fulfilled. While authorities spend money taken from our taxes for elections every year we will be deprived even of our trousers,” protesting supporters said.

One of the leaders of “KUCHMA” bloc Lev Mirimsky called the citizens of Ukraine not to pay taxes till the end of elections and to make authorities to report about money of tax-payers.

Oh Really Yulia!?

Ukraine's ex-PM calls for more sex

Former Ukrainian prime minister Julia Timoshenko says her countrymen and women are not having enough sex.

Speaking at an election address for her new political party, she urged the crowd to start working on reversing the country's demographic decline.

Mrs Timoshenko's daughter, Eugenia, 25, last year married former rock singer and market trader Sean Carr, 36, from Yorkshire, after a holiday romance.

When asked if her daughter was following her advice, she declined to comment, saying it was a "private matter".

Earlier, she said: "I urge all Ukrainians to take immediate action to help raise population numbers. Go straight home and work on it."

The billionaire former businesswoman shot to fame as one of the faces of the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine in 2004.

Ukrainian Museum on Toilets... and an unwanted suprise!


Toilet museum's unwanted donation

A Ukrainian man has been arrested after making use of one of the exhibits at a new museum dedicated to the history of the toilet.

The museum, which opened only last week in the capital Kiev and claims to be the first of its kind in the world, has now added "Not for use" signs on all its exhibits.

The toilet museum takes visitors through the entire history of the modern loo from its earliest beginnings as a hole in the ground to modern-day toilets with all mod-cons.

There is even a section dedicated to toilets of the future.

Vassiliy Kovalchuk, 48, who has apologised to museum staff, said: "I didn't realise they were only to look at when I was caught short.

"They told me afterwards visitors are supposed to use the public toilets on the street. I told them I want my money back."

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rotten pickle threat forces Ukraine premier to cancel campaign tour

Kiev - The threat of being on camera alongside jars of rotten pickles forced the cancellation of a campaign swing by Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich through a provincial region, Korrespondent magazine reported on Friday. A politician in favour of government support for big business and closer Ukrainian relations with Russia, Yanukovich had been scheduled to visit the western Lviv province as part of his government's campaign to improve regional support, prior to national elections on September 30.
Yanukovich had been planning to announce the award of some 320 thousand dollars in government aid to villagers in the Ozhidov district to assist with recovery from a July train wreck which caused a phosphorus spill and the evacuation of hundreds of local residents.
Anti-government activists in Ozhidov's town square stymied the visit by setting up stands containing jars of rotten pickles, tomatoes, cabbage and squash to protest the Yanukovich government's alleged failure to respond to the accident seriously.
Pickled home-grown vegetables are a popular Ukrainian food product found in practically every household.
A statement from Yanukovich's press office claimed the prime minister was unable to attend the ceremony in Ozhidov due to heavy traffic on the Kiev-Lviv highway - one of the country's best- maintained and fastest-travelling roads. Motorists told the ICTV television channel traffic was if anything light.
Phosphorus is a hazardous chemical that ignites on contact with air. An estimated 40 square kilometres of ground in the Ozhidov district was polluted by the July 17 spill, and toxic smoke clouds caused by the fire.
Yanukovich on Thursday instructed the country's Minister of Transport Mykola Rudolkovsky to remain at his post despite orders sacking him issued earlier this week by President Viktor Yushchenko, Yanukovich's rival.
Yushchenko cited the phosphorus spill and frequent accidents on the national railroad, which Rudolkovsky's officer runs, as grounds for his dismissal sacking.
Yanukovich on Thursday argued Rudolkovsky has in fact done his job well, and that Yushchenko's attempt to sack him was politically- motivated.
Yanukovich has been the victim of political fall from food products in the past, particularly during Ukraine's 2004 Presidential election when, during a campaign swing through the Ivano-Frankivsk province, a student threw an egg at the Prime Minister, striking him in the shoulder.
Television images of the burly Yanukovich dropping to the ground as if poleaxed when hit by the egg, and later that day from a hospital room claiming he had been a victim of a terrorist attack, undermined his image as a tough politician able to handle crisis.
Yanukovich initially won the October 2004 election, but the supreme court overturned the result in a December finding, accusing his campaign organization of massive vote fraud.
Yanukovich's Regions Ukraine party is set to grab some 22 per cent of the popular vote in the September elections, making it likely the strongest party in the next parliament, according to most polls.

How do you stop parliament from meeting? Cut their telephone lines!

Ukrainian parliament severed from special telephone lines

05.09.2007, 18.53

KIEV, September 5 (Itar-Tass) -- Over 280 special line telephones have been switched off at the Ukrainian parliament.

Transport and Communication Minister Nikolai Rudkovsky said on Wednesday the telephones had been switched off on Tuesday evening when the parliament session was in progress.

The special line went dead in the office of parliament speaker Alexander Moroz. The speaker asked Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich on Wednesday not to switch off his telephone.

Yanukovich instructed Justice Minister Alexander Lavrinovich to promptly “prepare a legal opinion for a resolution on the restoration of the special communication system in the administration of the Verkhovna Rada”.

Rudkovsky claims that the lines had been switched off “on President Viktor Yushchenko’s personal order”.

The president considers the parliament illegitimate, which might have been the reason for disconnecting its telephone lines.

Rudkovsky and Emergencies Minister Nestor Shufrich have happened to be in the centre of the growing conflict between the president and the government.

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, chaired by Yushchenko, decided to dismiss Rudkovsky and Shufrich.

In his words, the two ministers had numerous shortcomings. “Rudkovsky did not ensure higher safety of railroads, while Shufrich did not organise the appropriate response to the recent calamities in many Ukrainian regions,” the president said.

But the government has declined to comply with the Security Council’s decision.

Commenting on this decision, Lavrinovich said, “There is no subject for discussion.”

Monday, June 25, 2007

Lake Monster... in Ukraine!?

Lake monster terrifies villagers in Ukraine
Front page / Science / Mysteries
25.06.2007 Source: Pravda.Ru
Pages: 1

A huge monster with the head of a serpent and the body of a crocodile is rumored to lurk at the bottom of a lake in Western Ukraine. The monster has been frightening residents of a nearby village for more than one hundred years. Now and again the gruesome creature comes ashore and attacks domestic animals. At times it harms humans too. As a rule, locals steer clear of the lake. Researchers keep gathering information in an attempt to unravel the lake mystery.

Huge monster terrorizes Ukrainian villagers (

Quite a few bloodcurdling stories about the monster of the lake circulate through the village. It is said to attack animals and humans. The hideous monster is also said to moan and wheeze at night. The local elderly say that the “lizard” was last seen on the lake shore some 30 years ago.

“The monster assaulted Stepan, a groom. He was tending horses near the lake on that day. Actually, Stepan had too much of a drink so he stretched himself out on the grass and fell asleep. A crocodile-like creature crept on to the bank out of the water, moved up to the guy, and sniffed at him. Mushroom pickers came from the wood at the very moment. They saw that thing and started shouting out loud to scare it off. The monster reportedly opened its month and there wasn’t a single tooth inside,” said the 84-year-old Ivan Kovalchuk, a resident of the village.

It is believed that the first stories about the monster hiding in Lake Somin near the village of Lukiv appeared at the turn of the 19th century. The reference to the monster can be found in a report sent by a village chairman to Warsaw. He wrote that the villagers had not paid a tax on fishing because of a “serpent” which lived in the lake, eating the fishes. The unknown predator also harassed the livestock and locals, said the letter. The authorities had plans to dispatch an expedition to the area to investigate the case. But those plans fell through due the outbreak of World War I.

The German military made an attempt to solve the mystery of Lake Somin during World War II. The Germans used diving equipment and nets for exploring the bottom of the lake. However, their efforts to capture the creature ended in failure, reports Gazeta Po-ukrainski.

Some researchers believe that the lake monster is a huge cat fish. Lots of cat fishes can be found in numerous lakes and ponds located in the area. “Cat fishes can use their big strong fins for dragging themselves ashore. Several cat fishes caught around here were really big. They weighed about 100 kilos each, measuring up to two meters in length,” said Valentin Lyupa, a researcher of “the Somin Monster.”

Other scientists claim that the creature could be a prehistoric freshwater shark which somehow survived the Ice Age. “The archeological finds discovered in the area can back up this version. There’re many reports on fossilized teeth and bones of ancient fishes dug out by locals in their gardens,” said Valentin Volontai, an adviser with the Institute of Archeology under the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Lake Somin is located in Polessie lowlands, which formed at the bottom of an ancient freshwater sea. About 300 lakes scattered around the area are the remainders of the sea. Those karst lakes interconnect by means of underground passages and rives.

Lake Somin is 56 meters deep. A number of karst caves lie at its bottom. That is where the monster lies in wait, according to locals. The Polish researchers are reportedly going to give it another try and solve the lake mystery. A special research party is expected to commence work on location in the near future.

Translated by Guerman Grachev

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Suspected smugglers flying ultralight detained by Ukraine police

Jun 13, 2007, 10:35 GMT

Kiev - Three men suspected of using an ultra-light aircraft to smuggle cigarettes from Ukraine into Hungary were detained Wednesday by border police, the Interfax news agency reported.

Officers stationed in the mountainous Mukachevo region of west Ukraine first became aware alerted after 'detecting a suspicious noise in the sky at 4 am.'

Border troops searching roads and fields near the village of Yanush halted a Ford automobile and a GAZ minibus, which carrying three Ukrainian nationals including a registered pilot.

The GAZ-66 also contained a disassembled ultra-light aircraft and eight cases of NEXT cigarettes with an estimated value of 9,000 dollars on Ukraine's black market. The smokes are projected to be worth two to three times that in Hungary, according to the report.

The pilot, a Crimean resident, admitted to police that he was in the air in the morning, explaining that he enjoyed flying in the dark. He denied using the ultra-light for smuggling.

Police said that 'operational information' - a Ukrainian law enforcement euphemism for data obtained from informants or eavesdropping - contradicted the pilot's claim of innocence.

The pilot was charged with illegal border crossing, and all three detainees with smuggling cigarettes. Police seized the vehicles, aircraft and cigarettes.

Smuggling is rampant along Ukraine's rugged western border, where the economies of whole villages depend on illicit movement of goods to and from neighbouring European Union members Poland and Hungary.

The most valuable trafficked goods according to Interpol reports are illegal migrants, cigarettes, narcotics and petrol.

Smugglers commonly use motor vehicles or passenger rail cars to move products, often with the complicity of corrupt officials.

A tightening of border controls on both sides of the frontier in recent years has cause traffickers to transport their goods by increasingly imaginative means including on foot, by pack animal or in small boats - and, now, ultra-light aircraft.

300th Only in Ukraine... post - woo hoo!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Another Ukrainian Politician Poisoned?!

Ukraine minister 'poisoned'
01/06/2007 13:30 - (SA)

Ukraine rivals to end crisis
Thousands protest in Ukraine
Ukraine in power struggle
Ukraine's ex-PM renominated
Ukraine leader was poisoned

Kiev - Vasyl Tsushko, Ukraine's controversial interior minister, flew to a German hospital by charter aircraft on Friday for treatment for poisoning, according to a close Tsushko associate.

Tatiana Muntian, Tsushko's lawyer and political ally, told Ukraine's Channel 5 television channel Tsushko had suffered "a massive heart attack due to an intentional attempt to murder him by poisoning".

Tsushko in recent weeks had been at the centre of a dramatic spike to tensions in the country's long-running constitutional crisis, by ordering an assault by riot police on a government building to return to office a prosecutor general sacked by President Viktor Yushchenko.

The late May incident was the first-ever case of outright violence between different branches of Ukraine's police forces, as building security guards resisted the assault led by Tsushko.

Yushchenko in retaliation mobilised elements of the army and lorry columns carrying about 3 000 combat troops who were en route to the capital with the mission of kicking Tsushko's men out of the building, when negotiations defused the potentially bloody confrontation.

Tsushko is a long-time supporter of Yushchenko's political opponent, pro-Russia Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich.

Poisoning 'a rumour'

Unknown assailants using dioxin poisoned Yushchenko in September 2004, leaving him weakened and his face pockmarked. At the time, Yushchenko claimed he had been targeted by a foreign spy agency.

Interior ministry officials confirmed Tsushko had suffered a severe heart attack, but described Muntian's claims poison had caused the health problem "at the present moment on the level of rumour".

Muntian for her part was adamant, saying "I saw him with my own eyes and it was obvious the man had been poisoned".

Oleksander Moroz, Ukraine parliament speaker and another Tsushko ally, told the Interfax news agency "I spoke with him today and his condition is stable. I hope he will return (to Ukraine) in two or three weeks." - Sapa-dpa

More information on Missing Crocodil: Weight 350Kg!

Circus loses 350kg crocodile

June 01 2007 at 12:27PM
Kiev - Ukrainian air and sea search teams were on the lookout for a Nile crocodile on Friday after the reptile escaped from its circus handlers on a Black Sea beach, the Interfax news agency reported.

The incident took place in a resort district of the port city Marioupol. The crocodile's handler blamed high temperatures for the animal's decision to take to the water.

"It (the crocodile) just couldn't handle the heat," a circus representative told reporters.

Circus managers estimated the carnivore was nearly two metres long and weighed about 350 kilograms.

Beach patrols spotted the croc swimming offshore, but were unable to capture it as the animal would submerge if people or boats approached it, according to the report.

Throngs of beach-goers including women and children were continuing to bathe and play in the surf, despite warnings by loudspeaker of the crocodile's presence in the water.

The incident came less than two weeks after a Ukrainian animal trainer survived a circus bear attack leaving him unconscious and under water for close to four minutes.

That incident took place near the town Novy Rozdol in the western Lviv region after Volodymyr Herbovy, working for the travelling circus Europa, decided to bathe his trained bear Mishka in a lake during warm weather.

The brown bear turned on Herbovy for unknown reasons, but once the trainer was motionless under the water, the animal stopped its attack.

Herbovy survived the near-drowning but was hospitalised. Circus personnel recaptured Mishka the bear without incident.

Temperatures have been unseasonably high in Ukraine since mid-May, in places topping 35 degrees Centigrade. Much of the country's infrastructure lacks air conditioning, resulting in heavily-populated lake and sea beaches during summer months. - Sapa-dpa

Crocodile escapes from Ukrainian circus into Azov Sea

News Briefs
Crocodile escapes from Ukrainian circus into Azov Sea
Jun 01 2007, 16:21

KYIV (AP) - A crocodile escaped from a Ukrainian circus into the Azov Sea, a popular swimming and beach area, officials said Friday.

The 1-meter (3.2-foot) crocodile, named Godzi, escaped from the seaside circus in the city of Mariupol on Thursday, said Mykola Ranga, a spokesman for the regional branch of the Emergency Situations Ministry.

He said ministry workers were searching for the crocodile, whose mouth was taped shut, and that it has been seen swimming in the sea, which lies north of the Black Sea between Ukraine and Russia.

Officials issued a warning to area beachgoers, but Ukrainian media reported that many sunbathers and swimmers were undeterred and came to the shore on Friday.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hm... if thats the mother-in-law...

// 14.05.2007 // 12:55 //
Mother-in-Law Knifed Her Son-in-Law & Celebrated it with Cake
The dreadful incident happened in Poltava: the mother-in-law finished her lustful son-in-law off who had been humiliating his family.

As it became known from sources, long-term family conflict between mother-in-law and son-in-law ended with a cruel murder because male, 37 often drank alcohol, met with his lovers and did not bring up his children.
His wife was rather patient and calm. But mother-in-law was so anxious about her daughter and grandchildren that had been swearing with her son-in-law.

The tragedy happened when male again came home being drunk and turned his wife, mother-in-law and two children out. The pensioner returned home, took a knife in the kitchen and beat her son-in-law with a knife.
Wounded male tried to rescue himself. He ran out to the entryway calling for help. But his mother-in-law ran home down and hit him with a knife for 8 times.

Neighbors had heard the noise and called an ambulance car and militia. But they did not rescue male. He died before the coming of doctors of fatal hemorrhage.
Militia had seen a strange picture: mother-in-law was standing near the bloody corpse and eating the cake. According to neighbors, they saw female was running to the kitchen, took the cake out of refrigerator, returned to the entryway and began to eat.

Currently this female, 56 is detained. She is in the isolation ward. The suspect confessed at the first interrogation she “was dreaming about murder of her son-in-law for a long time”. Law enforcement initiated a suit according to the article “premeditated murder”. Investigation is being carried out.
By pravda

Sometimes its not that easy finding a parachute...

// 18.05.2007 // 10:04 //
People Living in Skyscrapers to Have Lack of Parachutes
The Cabinet of Ministers intends to prohibit construction of new houses with a height over 25 floors, declared the Minister of Regional redevelopment and construction of Ukraine Vladimir Yatzuba.

“I promise I will not sign any documents about these constructions” declared Yatzuba.

According to Minister, regulations of these constructions have not been still worked out. Minister is anxious about victims in the case of fires in these skyscrapers.
“If something happens, what will we say then? That we did not have money or helicopter?” asked Yatzuba.

He joked the purchasers of apartments living on will have to get parachutes instead of fire extinguishers. Kyiv city hall officials confirmed Minister’s apprehension. They declared “50 percents of fire protection do not work in the skyscrapers during a fire”.
By CN-Novosti daily release

Ukrainian animal trainer survives drowning attempt by bear

Ukrainian animal trainer survives drowning attempt by bear
Posted : Fri, 18 May 2007 14:44:00GMT
Author : DPA
Category : Nature (Environment)

Nature Environment News | Home

Kiev - A Ukrainian animal trainer survived a bear attack that left him unconscious and under water for close to four minutes, a local media report said Friday. The incident took place near the town Novy Rozdol in the western Lviv region, after Volodymyr Herbovy, working for the travelling circus Europa, decided to bathe his trained bear Mishka in a lake during warm weather.

The female brown bear turned on Herbovy and forced him under the water, Fakty newspaper quoted witnesses as saying.

The animal abandoned Herbovy after he stopped moving. Passers-by distracted the animal by shouting and throwing rocks.

Vasyl Parashchak, a water services officer for Ukraine's Ministry of Emergency Situations, arrived on the scene and was able to pull the Herbovy out of the water.

A subsequent attempt by the bear to attack her unconscious trainer was beaten off with a fishing pole abandoned by fisherman on the bank of the lake, Parashchak said.

"I hit her several times on the snout, and she went away," he said. "It was not a pleasant feeling to see the bear coming at me."

The emergency worker attempted to resuscitate Herbovy without success. An initial check by an ambulance team arriving on the scene showed the animal trainer's pulse and breathing to have stopped.

Medical workers working overnight brought Herbovy back to consciousness. He was listed in serious but stable condition, and is expected to recover fully, said Olha Sheludko, chief doctor of the Novy Rozdol district hospital.

Another two or three minutes underwater would have been fatal to Herbovy, Sheludko said.

Circus workers recovered the bear without incident. The evening show went on as scheduled, although Mishka did not perform.

Managers at Europa Circus declined comment on the incident.

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