Friday, December 23, 2005

So... who wants to stea..i mean buy some steel??

Thieves steal bridge in Ukraine

Thieves in western Ukraine have dismantled and stolen an 11m steel bridge over the river Svalyavka.
Police blame locals, saying it would have been impossible to take the bridge apart without a crane and a lorry - or to take it away unnoticed.

Metal theft is a problem in Ukraine, where people steal statues, wires and sewage hatches to sell as scrap.

Officials are now checking all scrap metal yards in the region to find the remains of the one-tonne bridge.

Meanwhile, the residents of several villages along the river have to find another way of reaching their local town, Svalyava.


Metal thieves steal museum train

The train was found at a scrap yard, already cut into pieces
Metal thieves have stolen an historic steam locomotive from an open-air museum in the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

The local police chief told Donetsk's Ukrayina TV channel that the criminals had probably hired a crane from the state transport company using forged documents authorising the locomotive to be moved to a new location.

It was found at a metal scrap yard outside the city, already cut into pieces.

The locomotive was said to be the first ever built in Soviet Ukraine back in 1924, so experts could not put a price tag on it.

But the thieves could have expected to earn about US$3,700 dollars (�2,200) from selling the 14.5 tonnes of scrap metal that remained of the locomotive.

Experts doubt that it could ever be put back together.

Metal theft is a serious issue in Ukraine, where statues, wires and even sewage hatches have been stolen for sale as scrap.

Just a week before the latest incident, it was reported that thieves had stolen an 11-metre steel bridge in western Ukraine, cutting a local town off from the outside world.

...Only In Ukraine!


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