Friday, June 23, 2006

Even if your famous, you'll still get robbed....

Natalia Vitrenko Was Robbed
translated by Maria Tsukanova , 20.06.2006, 14:32

According to Segonya periodical, somebody broke in and robbed the business car of Natalia Vitrenko, the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine.
It happened near Tarasivka village, located not far from Tsyuryupinsk in Kherson region.

The car was parked on the roadside. The side-doors were closed but the windows were left open.

The robber opened the car, took a case with a private and business documentation, $1000 and 1500 UAN. All these things as well as 3 cell phones retaining phone-numbers of some well-known politicians disappeared.

“Vladimir Marchenko and I were driving in the car from Kyiv to the Crimea to participate in a party’s conference. In the morning, we parked the car near a poppy field. We got out of the car for 10 minutes to take photos,” says Vitrenko.

She doesn’t think the robber acted from political motives. She is sure it is her own fault.


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