Friday, June 23, 2006

I think Ukraine has a different idea of what Love is....

// 13.06.2006 // 13:36 //
Grandson Loved His Grandmother, that’s why He Killed Her
Appeal court in the Kharkov oblast has put Kharkov resident, 26 into prison for 16 years for the murder of his father and his grandmother.

According to the words of Vladimir Podobailo, state accuser of the oblast prosecutor office, this male had been condemned already for illegal purchase and storing of drugs earlier, in February, 2002. But then in 2 months he, being drunk, had beaten one civilian. His friend helped him to do it.

Last crime, committed by this male, happened in March, 2004. He had been drunk again. He quarreled with his father, the quarrel turned into the fight. And 26-years-old male hit his father with knife three times. It resulted in father’s death. Besides, his grandmother died because of numerous blows in the head and neck with knife. Killer had disappeared from the site of occurrence then.

The state accuser has proposed to appoint the defendant the prison punishment for 15 years. The court has approved it. UNIAN reports one more year of imprisonment is added to this term. It is appointed for him according to the previous sentence.

This sentence has satisfied civil suit on the case of making up material and moral damage in the amount for 15 and half of thousand of hryvnas, made by criminal actions of defendant, to the daughter and sister of victims, prosecutor has reported.


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