Friday, June 23, 2006

I thought Yuschenko was against Corruption in the Sauna...

// 20.06.2006 // 18:20 //
Prostitutes Satisfied Kievers in Sauna
Bodies of law and order disclosed lechery centre in Kiev. As it often happens, it has been located in the usual private sauna.

It has been located in Zhmerinskaya street. Militia officers arrived to this place and became eye-witnesses of fact that two females, Kiev resident, 27 and her friend from Zhitomir, 29 offered sexual services to their two clients.

It turned out business manager introduced one girl to another. The regular kind of work for manager was to introduce clients with prostates for gratuity.

She took about 60 dollars per an hour for these girls and 100 hryvnas for the order itself, Glavred reports with a reference to the Public relations centre of Ukraine’s interior Ministry chief administration in Kiev.

Taking into account features of crime have been present there, provided by the second part 302 asset of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Creation or maintenance of lechery places and pandering with an aim to get profit”, which presupposes even to 5 years of imprisonment, Sviatoshinskiy district militia investigation department has initiated criminal case on these facts.


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