Sunday, June 25, 2006

World-It's all Ukrainian to us, say confused journalists

COLOGNE, June 25 (Reuters) - Journalists hoping to find out Ukraine coach Oleg's Blokhin's thoughts ahead of his side's World Cup game against Switzerland were left baffled on Sunday.

The Ukraine team failed to provide a translator at his news conference, leaving the majority of the 40 or so international journalists clueless about what he was saying.

An unsurprising lack of questions drew the briefing to a rapid end, triggering anger about the lack of organisation.

"We need an English translator," shouted one journalist as Blokhin was leaving the room.

The coach's answer was surprising.

"Me too," he replied in English.

A FIFA spokesman said it was the team's responsibility to provide a translator and that soccer's world governing body only provided them for official post-match news conferences.

Ukraine face Switzerland in their second round match in Cologne on Monday.


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