Friday, June 23, 2006

Yea... Sun Eaters are found everywhere... including Ukraine.

Nikolai Dolgoruky calls himself a 'sun eater.' He lives in the Dnepr region of Ukraine.

He feeds only on prana and solar energy. After arriving in a village where he lives, I saw a barefooted man standing on the porch. He was wearing a bright orange dress with the sun embroidered on the chest. The man's face looked otherworldly, his eyes glistened, and a smile crossed his face. He moved about easily and seemed to be barely touching the ground. He did not have no sunken cheeks nor bags under his eyes. His skin was glowing from inside as if he were a happy teenaged girl.

It is obvious that Nikolai has become a qualified interviewee. He fell into the habit of giving interviews on a regular basis. A Japanese TV crew left the village a few days ago. They shot a film about Nikolai.

'The reason why I've become a 'sun eater' has nothing to do with cutting down on grocery bills,' says Nikolai with a smile. 'This is a spiritual way. Why do all the religions of the world have Lent? It is designed to cleanse the soul and encourage the human being to think more of things lofty and get rid of morally low desires. Saying goodbye to food means a farewell to many carnal dependencies. I consume space energy in place of natural foodstuffs. But I had continually fasting for 14 years before I stopped coarse food altogether. I ate only kasha, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Then I switched to liquid foods - vegetable broths, cocoa and hot chocolate. And one day it came as a stunning revelation that I can do without any food. Since then I've been living on a strict diet of tea with honey and some boiling water with fish soup spices. I use only charged water that is taken off the stovetop one moment before it boils. I drink about ten cups a day. I get the rest of my food from the Sun and Cosmos. I can even feel my blood getting rejuvenated.

'Do you mean you stop feeling hunger as you stare at the sun?'

'I stopped feeling hunger a long time ago. The sun charges me with energy as if I were a battery. Some day everybody will be capable of running on solar energy. The trees and flower exist because of photosynthesis. And man is part of nature. There is a huge release of energy in the human body once man gets rid of coarse food. It's the energy that was previously used for digestion. Man reaches a completely different level of mental and physical development.'


At 7:41 PM, Blogger Elena said...

Not long time ago I've learned about sun eaters.My son is 22 and he decided to try not to eat for 21 days he is in the proses right now. I'm a little scared for him (I think he needs a master to help him), but he says he can do it on his own.But over all it's good to be without food addiction. Why our physical body needs to have food
If it's possible to live without any food?

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Austris said...

There is a reason why people go step by step cutting down bad food. Stepping down from meat, then fish, dairy, processed food, plats….. The reason is it usually takes years (there are exceptions) to advance in development of awareness and using energy. Body consists of energy and matter (that also energy) but the quality of energy is determined by the building blocks used for creating body. Muscle that was made out of proteins from meat has lover energy vibration than one made out of plant. So when a human changes diet to higher vibration food, body building blocks change and overall energy rises. Steps are meat/fish/refined(dead food) > cooked food > vegetables > fruit > liquid > gas > life energy(prana) > sun > ….? =) * for gas ( If check what elements we breath in, there are most of things we need, all that is needed is correct arrangement of molecules, for all our needs) There is a good book about it here . there are also more things to consider. Check movies what the bleep do we know and videos of Bruce Lipton (on for more understanding. Email me if any questions =)

At 10:29 AM, Blogger Alex Milne said...

This is a very dangerous practice. Sun-eating is an offshoot of the Breatharian movement, which died out (literally) when a number of its adherents starved to death.

Be warned that, if you encourage someone to follow this "diet" and they die as a result, you will be guilty of manslaughter. People have already received extensive sentences for this.

For more information, please see my blog:


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