Monday, August 21, 2006

It Happens sometimes...

Ukrainian builders brick up tower crane in apartment building


An incredible event took place in Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine. Builders bricked up a tower crane in a new building and only understood how complicated the situation was after they had completed it. Now they are struggling to find a way to get the crane out.

Anxious by-passers and the inhabitants of nearby houses spread a rumor around the city that the crane was going to be taken apart using a helicopter.

The only multi-storey building with a built-in crane in the Ukraine is in Ivano-Frankovsk. The construction in the central square of the city grew as quickly as a mushroom after the rain. The builders quickly built floor after floor. They stopped work when they could no longer make it any taller. At that time, a rumor began to circulate that nearby inhabitants would be forced to move out while a helicopter removed the crane piece by piece.

However, the building firm is proud of the results of its work. They say that no-one has ever done such a thing in the Ukraine, as the multi-storey was built using modern Austrian technology and they hope to receive a state architecture award for it. In order to disassemble the crane, they will use either a helicopter or another tower crane.

'Air transport is the best thing that civilization has invented. There is another method. It is an analogous crane. It is built alongside and looks like a crane located in an enclosed space,' commented Miroslav Boiko, the director of the building firm.

The builders promise to disassemble their creation during the day, before the eyes of hundreds of spectators. However, it is unclear when this will take place, since they cannot find a partner crane. In addition, the building firm needs to acquire the signatures of the corresponding city services regarding the safety of such work.

The director of the building firm Miroslav Boiko believes that the house with a crane may become a significant city site. 'It's a breakthrough in architectural fashion in the Ukraine ,' he says. 'No-one has conducted such construction before. It's essentially know-how.'

Local inhabitants are not so optimistic. They fear that the ancient Ratusha, an architectural historic pride of the city located 200 meters away, may be damaged as a result of the work carried out to extract the crane.


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