Monday, August 21, 2006

Now that man is dedicated!

Man with a bottle of vodka falls through the ice but never lets vodka drown


A thirty-year-old Ukrainian male fell through the ice and remained in ice-cold water for 20 minutes but never let his bottle of vodka go.

On February, 14th, the man decided to use a shorter way from one place of the city to another. Instead of using the bridge, he decided to save some time and cross the river by walking on ice.

Ha hadn't even reached the middle of the river when the ice cracked under his feet. Several seconds later the man went under the ice. Some people nearby heard his cries for help and rushed to the river.

When they saw that a man was about to drown in the middle of the river, they called the rescue service while the two young men tried to help him on their own.

Having seen a small fishing boat at the river bank, the two guys decided to use it for support in order not to fall through the ice themselves.

The rescuers arrived at the scene by the time they had reached the drowning man. They threw a ring-buoy and a rope to the two men so that they could tie him up and lift him to the boat.

When the man was rescued it turned out that he had been holding a bottle of vodka in his hand for twenty minutes while staying in freezing cold water.


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