Friday, September 22, 2006

Business as usual?

Donetsk: Russian shoots Armenian businessman

Prosecutors in Donetsk have initiated criminal proceedings in the Monday shooting of businessman Samvel Adamian in the eastern city. Both Adamian and his would-be assassin are currently in hospital.
The shooting occurred after 3 PM outside of the offices of Donbasnaftoprodukt – a firm widely believed to be owned by Adamian. He was shot in the chest as he exited his car. Guards form the building ran out upon hearing the shots and returned fire, injuring the attacker. Police recovered two pistols, two passports and two mobile phones at the seen of the crime. The possibility that a second attacker took part in the shooting is being invesitgated. Donetsk prosecutor Oleksandr Ol’mezov said that the injured assasin is a citizen of the Russian Federation. Adamian is a leading member of the Armenian Diaspora in Donetsk, who has himself reportedly been convicted of crimes in the past. Adamian has also reportedly survived an assassination attempt in the past.


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