Friday, September 22, 2006

A Hippo in Kharkiv!?

// 18.09.2006 // 11:51 //
Hippopotamus Turned Kharkov into … Hell
The citizens’ of Kharkov lives who are living near the zoo seemed to be a hell: because of depreciated sewer system hippopotamus waste products were on the streets of city center - a part of Klochkovskaya street and the district of Panteleymonovskiy Cathedral.

“Hippopotamus as a rule urinates in water and there also be feed leavings: grass, hay, edible roots. Old pipes were always cluttered and the refusals from the pool poured on the streets, - the director of the zoo Aleksey Grigoriev explained. -Thanks God, that the businessman was found who gave money - 28 thousands hryvnas - he bought a special pump for the pool and we removed the flow”.

At the same time as newspaper Blik informs, this businessman decided to take hippopotamus under his patronage and in future - buys food for them and promised to buy in Nikolaevskiy zoo a young bride for the hippopotamus.


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