Thursday, September 07, 2006

Schoolgirl Was Poured With Acid on Obolon

n the capital of Ukraine 15-year old schoolgirl Bogdana Goncharenko was poured with the acid which affected 20% of her face and body. The wounds are deep and the state of her health doctors name as hard.

As TV company NTN informs the tragedy happened near her house on Obolon. 15-year old girl who came out in the morning to walk with her dog waited two men with a plastic bottle in hands. They splashed the poisonous liquid into her face. At that day Bogdana Goncharenko was in the capital burn center where she was made a diagnosis - a burn with the concentrate acid.

As the leading surgeon of Kiev burn center Olga Kovalenko said, “a savage, cruel drama. It is a tragedy - 20% of chemical burn. Her face, head, body and hands were hurt. And her eyes were hurt too and the problems with sight and scares are possible. A lot of plastc operations will be needed”.
According to the surgeon’s words, the first operation was made inspite of the burn shock in order to stop the action of the poison which could burn her body till her bones. Olga Kovalenko adds that the action of the acid caused burn sick and the internal is hurt. That is why the doctors fight not only for girl’s appearance but more for her life.

The relatives of the victim are sure that it is a revenge. On Bogdana’s birthday party her classmate tragically died: or he hell out the window or committed a suicide. Over the mother’s words after that tragedy she was threatened by parents of dead boy.


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