Friday, September 22, 2006

Take that Canadian Lumberjacks! That's Right! Ukraine is # 1!!!

29.08.2006 19:19 ( оновлено о 21:00)

Kharkiv lumberjack wins national championships

And finally, the finals of the national lumberjack competition were held in Kyiv oblast on Tuesday. The winner will represent Ukraine in the lumberjack world championship scheduled to be held in Belgium in 2008.
Thirty-five tree-cutters from across the country competed in the events. The competition consisted of five events, including contests for speed and the changing of chains on chain saws. The other events required precision cutting as competitors removed branches and cut logs in exact halves. For the final event, the lumberjacks were required to saw through logs without damaging a wood board resting underneath. When all was sawed and done, Serhiy Domashkin from Kharkiv emerged the winner. He was awarded with a new chainsaw and three thousand hryvnia in cash – about six hundred dollars. Domashkin will continue felling trees in his native Kharkiv prior to leaving for the world championships in 2008.


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