Friday, September 22, 2006

Those Ukrainian Businessmen....

// 22.09.2006 // 17:43 //
Businessman Sold Obscene Movies with His Participance
Businessman had been produced and sold obscene movies with his participance in Melitopol Zaporozhie oblast.

According to information of Ukraine's Interior Ministry department in the Zaporozhie oblast, illegal obscene movies were found by officers of the Melitopol department on the struggle against organized crime. According to UNIAN information, officers of the Melitopol department on struggle against organized crime got information that local businessman, whose enterprise is specialized in the trade of video cassette and DVD-discs, realizes unlicensed production.
"Video cassettes and discs with obscene records were found in one of trade kiosks, belonged to the businessmen. It was found during the check of this information. Expertise showed all video movies were unprofessional picture-takings. It was stated during further examination businessman himself and his subordinates – girls, worked as sellers in his trade kiosks, were the actors", oblast Interior Ministry department officers told.

43-years-old businessman was also scriptwriter and producer of obscene movies, who organized obscene studio in his house. According to the provisional data, male did not make officers to act in the obscene movies. "Girls had been working for the additional payment to the official salary: each girl out of 8 participants of obscene films got UAH 100 for every picture-taking", law enforcement specify.

Actions of businessman are qualified as crimes, foreseen by 301 and 302 assets of the Criminal code of Ukraine – "Production, distribution of obscene subjects" and "Creation and maintenance of brothels". 100 video movies, DVD-discs with obscene records were seized.

The Melitopol city militia department opened a criminal case on the facts of the department on struggle against organized crime.


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