Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well then, I guess Ukraine is saying "What Money?!"

Kyrgyzstan Lost Ukrainian IOUs Worth $29M
Created: 19.07.2006 11:54 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 14:07 MSK

Kyrgyz authorities have announced that they had lost promissory notes that certified that Ukraine owns Kyrgyzstan $29 million.

Ukraine’s debt to Kyrgyzstan was formed back in the times of the Soviet Union. In 1997 the two countries compared their documents and reached a common denominator of $29 million that Ukraine owed to Kyrgyzstan. But when the deputy speaker of Kyrgyz parliament Kubanychbek Isabekov visited Kiev in the beginning of July, it turned out that Kyrgyzstan could not produce any documents proving Ukraine’s debt. The papers were lost and no one knows when and where this happened, Russian daily Moskovsky Komsomolets reported on Wednesday, July 19.

Kyrgyz authorities expressed a guess that the promissory notes could be lost during the so called Tulip Revolution last spring, when crowds of marauders broke into Kyrgyz government headquarters, in Bishkek.

Deputy speaker of Kyrgyz parliament even visited Moscow to meet with Kyrgyz Ambassador to Russia Apas Dzhumagulov who confirmed that he signed such a document back in 1997. But now that the document is lost Kyrgyzstan is having a difficult time demanding its money back from Ukraine.


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