Friday, September 22, 2006

When Traveling To Kherson, Watch Your Cell-Phone!

07.08.2006 17:22

Kherson: Mobile phone swindlers active

About thirty mobile phone are stolen per day in Kherson, according to city police officers .
One of the tricks of the phone swindlers is to act as police officers and confiscate a mobile phone from its owner, saying they need to check if the phone is stolen. When the owner goes to the police station to get his phone back, he realizes he has been scammed. Kherson police say exposing such a crime, not to mention punishing criminals, is practically impossible due to inadequate laws. One of the problems is that second-hand stores have a practice of buying used phones without requiring a receipt of original purchase. In some cases, a store will pay the swindler in advance. Another obstacle for law inforcement: according to Ukrainian law, a person cannot be charged for stealing if the value of the item is under five hundred twenty-five hryvnias (about one hundred US dollars


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