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Whores Confession...

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Whore’s Confession
She goes to venerologist more often than in beauty salon. The reason is often sex with officials.
Penis instead of a pen

Donetsk city center, evening. During a month she comes to work at this auto-station near one of the hotels. She is clothed not usually: close pink dress, beautiful shiny shoes, on the neck - a golden chain with dagger, on her fingers - laid-on nails. There is something evil, temptation in her hair and something that leaves on a distance.

I did not realize how I lost the journalists delegation. Kiev militiamen instructed me how to recognize a prostitute and a girl who was waiting a bus. And I managed this time. She was standing near the bus station, but her sight told that she was waiting a next client. In 10-15 minutes we fount what to talk about. We found something in common in that meaning than she has the first ancient profession and I have the second. Some time ago she dreamed to be a journalist but as the result she turned to the way of paid beds and venerologist cabinets. But she never feels sorry and never felt.
Till Donetsk bed-sheets

Ilovaisk - is a provincial town in Donetsk oblast. Russian border is near and there is a border control at the town. The quantity of the population as statistics say decreased from 2001 because of leaving for Russia. Now there are 17 thousand of people living there. Marina left for the capital of Donbass 6 years ago when she was 24. She was brought up in unfortunate family and had 6 sisters. In February, 2000, she wanted to dress in fashion clothes, to rest in expensive clubs, to drive cool cars. And she decided to leave. She lived at her friends in Donetsk. As she says herself then she became free from the poverty.
“I need a big wick to be lightened!”

And she adds laughing: ‘”Now as you see I am sticked to doctors doors. I slide apart my legs there not rarely than in front of the client”. She says that the most dangerous clients are drug addicts and officials. If a client is ‘rotten’ (has venereal disease), the condom will not help. By the way, if a client is a rich drug addict or an official, she sleeps with him if she has difficulties with money. At her own experience she understood that more often she undergo medical treatment after such clients. The first ones can have such diseases because of their independence. The second ones can have because of the feeling of self-confidence and vanity, and they are sure that can buy everything. She told laughing that one of them even made a proposal: “I replied that from his stomach I cannot see his male dignity. He was offended and asked the change from his dollars and so loudly as at his deputies session. I replied “That I am a woman, I need to be lightened in order to think about a marriage I like you, it is necessary to teach you”. In other words I did not want to loose this client, and now he became lassie and pay for my flat”.

When in Donetsk airport our plane were put, she called. I heard that she was not crying, she was howling and asked why she made so, why she did not stay in native Ilovaisk on some railway crossroad or in a cowshed as a milkmaid, why she did not became a mother and wife but a usual body for selling.

Igor Serov, Kiev - Donetsk - Kiev, CN-Novosti


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