Thursday, November 23, 2006

Swallowing Money!?... Only in Ukraine!

Ukrainian Cop Swallows Bribe Money
By Faruk Akkan, Cihan News Agency, Moscow
Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Ukrainian traffic police officer swallowed four $100 banknotes when he realized that he was being busted.
However, the marked banknotes were later taken out of his stomach.
Corrupt police have been a plague on the people of Uman, a town in the Ukraine, with their constant demands for bribes.
This corrupt policeman was arrested in a joint effort by internal security officers and local people.
The policeman was caught with the help of $400 - on each bill the word “bribe” was written in invisible ink - while counting a total sum of $12000 dollars in bribes he had extorted from locals.
According to a ProUA news agency report, the policeman swallowed the four $100 bills when he realized that he was caught red-handed after noticing the word “bribe” on the bills .
Since he managed to swallow the bribe money before he was handcuffed, he was hospitalized and the money was retrieved from his stomach, after which he was finally arrested.


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