Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cossacks running Wild in Crimea!?

// 08.12.2006 // 12:44 //
Illegal Cossacks Storming Crimea
Prosecutor office of the Crimea found some illegal Cossack unions who took part in raider attacks and provoked conflicts on the peninsula. It was found during check of legality of registration and activity on the territory of Cossack organizations autonomy.

According to the data of press-service at the Crimean prosecutor office, members of two unions pretended they were Cossacks, but their activity was illegal. “Among those illegal Cossacks were people who took part in raider seizer of property and enterprises on the territory of Crimea, provoked some social conflicts”, prosecutor office informed.

Currently people, who used Cossack’s paraphernalia, communicate with militia of the Crimea. Appropriate order was sent by prosecutor office to chief at the Crimean chief committee of the Interior Ministry Vladimir Khomenko. According to press-service’s information, number of registered Cossack unions in the autonomy raised up to 49 since the last check of prosecutor office – the second for this year.

More than half of them are independent Cossack units which do not determine orientation of their activity. The number of Cossack unions has increased who take part in the social order protection, in particular 7 of them promote work of law enforcement.


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