Thursday, December 07, 2006

hm... banning Alcohol on New Years?

// 27.11.2006 // 17:49 //
Kievers to Celebrate New Year with Dry Law
Kyiv authority decided to adorn Maidan Nezalezhnosti and other squares and streets in the city by the New Year until December, 18.

As Ukrayinski Novyny informs with a reference to the order of Kyiv city administration, Kyivgoroformlenie company will be occupied with decoration of streets. Besides, works at setting and erection of New Year tree will be finished on Maidan Nezalezhnosti until December, 18. Holiday ignition of New Year tree will occur at 4:00 p.m. on December, 23.
Chief department of trade and life should organize trade of Ukrainian dishes and hot beverages in the centre of Kyiv during New Year and Christmas holidays beginning from December, 23 2006 till January, 19 2007. Kyiv city administration banned trade of strong alcoholic drinks and goods in the glass bottles in the places of these events.

Besides, Kyiv city administration decided to give sponsors of holiday priority right to station trade tents and interim advertisement on Maidan Nezalezhnosti and on Kreshchatik during the holidays.

At the same time Kyiv city administration decided to celebrate New Year on Maidan Nezalezhnosti at night of December, 31 – January, 1. Christmas will be celebrated on Maidan on January, 7 and Epiphany will be celebrated in Hidropark on January, 19.


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