Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lets play a new game! Hide the Monument!

// 20.12.2006 // 16:28 //
Boom! Monument to URA Soldiers Stolen in Kharkov
Unknowns stole monument to URA (Ukrainian rebellious army) heroes in Kharkov today at night. Monument is found in the evening.

According to evidence of eye-witnesses and workers, who restore monument, its basic part (stone) and granite stele with inscription “For Ukrainian rebellious army” were found in the pit near monument.

Anonymous e-mail letter was sent to several mass-media sources on December, 20. It was said pit was dig out near base with the help of excavator. Monument was thrown there with the help of scraps. Then pit was covered with ground. Authors of letter stated that this move was timed to KGB Serviceman Day.

Workers have dig pit out with the help of evacuator and bulldozer, seized parts of monument, put territory in order and set monument at its place now.

As a reminder, monument to URA soldiers had been set in Molodyozhnyi park in Kharkov in 1992.

By Ukrayinski Novyny


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