Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh that Baba!

Disinsectant Explosion Destroys Apartment, Cockroaches Survive
Created: 23.10.2006 14:24 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 14:25 MSK

A grandmother’s fight against insects in her home has had her rushed to hospital after the anti-cockroaches liquid she was spraying around too generously exploded.

The woman, a 66 years’ old resident of Lvov, Ukraine, had been waging war against roaches for years, neighbors said.

She purchased a new anti-insects spray and before going to bed sprayed it all around the apartment, the Kazanskiye Vedomosti newspaper reports.

She most likely overdid it, because the concentration of dichlorvos got so heavy that it caught fire on the candle the woman had burning in the room.

The powerful explosion broke the doors and windows as well as some of the walls in the apartment. Many of the woman’s possessions burned in the fire. She had to be rushed to hospital with 40 percent of skin burned.

The neighbors however said the roaches survived. The disinsectant exploded before the insects inhaked enough of it.


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