Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So the guy wanted to go for a walk!

// 12.12.2006 // 12:27 //
Major of Internal Service Sold Himself for $100
Major of internal service is accused of getting bribe from prisoner to go for a walk in Sumy oblast.

Sumy prosecutor office on supervision over observing laws during fulfillment of court decisions concerning criminal cases finished investigation of suit brought against chief of shop in Konotop correction centre number 130 (Zhovtnevyi settlement Konotopskiy district) of major of internal service according to the second Clause 368 article of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

As prosecutor of prosecutor department in Sumy oblast Yevgeniy Gorobets informed, major received bribe in the amount of US $100 from prisoner’s wife for assistance in giving him short-term departure outside place of imprisonment.

Court brought a charge against chief of shop in the correction centre according to article mentioned above which secured punishment as imprisonment from 5 to 10 years with expropriation. Suit with bill of particulars is sent to the court for examination.


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