Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ukraine on the International Level!

// 14.12.2006 // 16:55 //
Ukrainian Porno on International Level
Porno-studio, which had been working on-line through Internet, is found in Donetsk.

Information about some unusual studio in Budyonnovskiy district of Donetsk was received this autumn by militia officials. Court came to conclusion that it was enough to give order on searching this organization.
When militia officers arrived, there were about ten girls-models living there all the time and three interpreters – clients of studio, U.S. and EU users.

9 portables, 3 base units of stationary computers and several web cameras were seized during the search. People communicated with one another on-line with the help of this equipment. “Also sexual goods and accounting papers were seized”, press-service of the Interior Affairs Department reports.

Several examinations will be held the nearest time. The first one is computer-technical examination. Experts have to clear up information on computer hard disks. The second one is fine art examination. Experts, arts critic and psychologist should make a decision about presence or absence of obscene materials in this information. After results of examination lawyers will estimate activity of Donetsk businessmen.

38 criminal cases were initiated according to 301 Article of the Criminal code of Ukraine for creation and distribution of obscene materials in the oblast this year. Over 1,000 video cassettes and over 1,500 DVD CD disks were seized in shops.


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