Thursday, December 07, 2006

What a bad Training Camp!

28.11.2006 16:18 ( оновлено о 21:15)

Soldier beaten to death at training camp

Two tragedies to report from the country’s military: one soldier was killed and another was shot by their superiors in two seperate incidents that occured in the past week.

Recruit Oleksandr Rybka was beaten to death at the Desna training camp in Chernihiv oblast. Two sergeants are suspected of the murder. The eighteen year old was unable to get out of bed on Monday morning and died in the camp’s hospital a few hours later. Doctors said his death was caused by his liver bursting. The two sergeants are suspected of beating him before he went to bed. Both men are in custody.

Meanwhile, in Zakarpattya oblast a soldier was injured when a commanding officer of the border guard service shot him in the chest with a pistol. The incident occurred in Chop more than a week ago, and journalists only learned about it form anonymous source. The nineteen year old survived the shooting. The offending officer faces up to three years imprisonment.


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