Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wild Animals in Ukraine!

// 15.12.2006 // 12:35 //
Wild Animals to be Taken Away in Kyiv!
Kyiv ecologist-cultural centre appealed to Kyiv authority to ban use of wild animals for making photos at their expense on the territory of city. It is said in the address to Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy.

“Photographers who use animals just try to make money. So they are absolutely indifferent to animals”, is said in the address.
Centre supposes in accordance with bad maintenance conditions animals suffer and people, who make pictures with them, can be infected. Centre declared that photographers break rules of animals’ maintenance. They are living in the unsuitable conditions. It influences on their behavior negatively and can become the reason of their aggression.

“Owls do not sleep in the afternoon though they should sleep, monkey become frozen as it is cold there, reptiles have extracted teeth and tied mouth”, is said in the statement. Centre appealed also to the social protection department of Kyiv and Shevchenkovskiy district militia department with a request to check facts of inhumane animals’ maintenance by photographers. In the response administration declared that they made investigations along central streets in Kyiv where people make photos with animals and they did not find violations of legislation on animals’ protection.
“Wild animals are being used by photographers. They have satisfactory state. Experts did not find any bodily injuries”, is said in the message of social protection department.

Kyiv council commission on ecology policy supposes that Kyiv council cannot ban making photos with animals when photographers have license to do it and veterinary certificate of animals’ health.

Commission’s chairman Anatoliy Kovalenko supposes that Kyiv city state administration should control this problem carefully.

As a reminder, Kyiv council sent municipal enterprise Priyut dlya zhivotnykh (Asylum for animals) in rent 0,8 ha on Syretskaya street, 31-a for constructing centre of veterinary examination and captured animals.

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