Sunday, June 25, 2006

World-It's all Ukrainian to us, say confused journalists

COLOGNE, June 25 (Reuters) - Journalists hoping to find out Ukraine coach Oleg's Blokhin's thoughts ahead of his side's World Cup game against Switzerland were left baffled on Sunday.

The Ukraine team failed to provide a translator at his news conference, leaving the majority of the 40 or so international journalists clueless about what he was saying.

An unsurprising lack of questions drew the briefing to a rapid end, triggering anger about the lack of organisation.

"We need an English translator," shouted one journalist as Blokhin was leaving the room.

The coach's answer was surprising.

"Me too," he replied in English.

A FIFA spokesman said it was the team's responsibility to provide a translator and that soccer's world governing body only provided them for official post-match news conferences.

Ukraine face Switzerland in their second round match in Cologne on Monday.

Friday, June 23, 2006

I think Ukraine has a different idea of what Love is....

// 13.06.2006 // 13:36 //
Grandson Loved His Grandmother, that’s why He Killed Her
Appeal court in the Kharkov oblast has put Kharkov resident, 26 into prison for 16 years for the murder of his father and his grandmother.

According to the words of Vladimir Podobailo, state accuser of the oblast prosecutor office, this male had been condemned already for illegal purchase and storing of drugs earlier, in February, 2002. But then in 2 months he, being drunk, had beaten one civilian. His friend helped him to do it.

Last crime, committed by this male, happened in March, 2004. He had been drunk again. He quarreled with his father, the quarrel turned into the fight. And 26-years-old male hit his father with knife three times. It resulted in father’s death. Besides, his grandmother died because of numerous blows in the head and neck with knife. Killer had disappeared from the site of occurrence then.

The state accuser has proposed to appoint the defendant the prison punishment for 15 years. The court has approved it. UNIAN reports one more year of imprisonment is added to this term. It is appointed for him according to the previous sentence.

This sentence has satisfied civil suit on the case of making up material and moral damage in the amount for 15 and half of thousand of hryvnas, made by criminal actions of defendant, to the daughter and sister of victims, prosecutor has reported.

Watch out for boom companions...

// 09.06.2006 // 18:37 //
Mother’s Boom Companion Smothered Her Child
6-years-old girl has been smothered by alcoholic in the Zaporozhie region. PR centre in the Interior Ministry department in the Zaporozhie region has informed about it. 23-years-old female, Molochansk’s resident appealed to the Tokmatskiy city militia department at 9:20 a.m. on June, 6. She declared her 6-years-old daughter disappeared at night on June, 6.

Investigators arrived urgently to the site of occurrence. They cleared out that mother, who likes to drink a lot of alcohol, went again to drink and remained her child alone at home that evening. When she returned home, she did not find her baby.

Militia officials identified 20-yaers-old guy, female’s acquaintance, local, who was suspected of implication girl’s disappearance, without delay. After he was detained, he acknowledged he killed the child. Circumstances of committing this crime have been establishing now. According to the provisional data, plotter smothered the girl when she began to cry as she saw unknown male at home. Prosecutor office of the region has brought an action against detainee. Investigation is being carried out now.

By glavred

maybe this is the next step in evolution...

// 23.06.2006 // 13:10 //
Horror in Cherkassy Oblast: People Living in Water
Khutor village in the Cherkassy oblast has been living in the emergency for a year already. People are living on the water, underground water level has equaled with soil. There is no harvest. People are accusing Cherkassy heat and power plant, which pours off water near the village.

Three thousand of residents in Khutor village near Cherkassy are afraid of not waking up in the morning. Cracks appear before their eyes in their houses. The village has turned out into the Ukrainian Venice during the latest year, and frogs moved into the yards form the bog. People do not drink water for a year already as sanitary epidemiologists have banned to use water from well.

As Tatiana Loginova, Khutor village resident remarked, “I will have no harvest. I have four children, and I do not know what to give them to eat”.

Khutor residents blame Cherkassy heat and power plant, which pours off water near village. People demand to cut off these tubes. At the same time authority advise village council to clean special canals for water taking. It was made according to the demands of scientists to escape from flood, but nobody gives money to clean it for several years.

According to the viewpoint of Yuriy Zotov, Cherkassy heat and power plant, environment protection department chief, “no much money is needed for it. Frankly speaking, earlier these cases of bringing an action against us would suppose to be sabotage”.

Local authority refuse from cleaning canals at their own expense. Heat and power plant also does not want to make concessions. They will not change the place of pouring water off. The last hope of village inhabitants is oblast authority, who have not been reacting upon these problems for a year, ictv reports.

Now thats just sick and wrong.

// 21.06.2006 // 17:40 //
Unemployed Raped Old Lady
Dreadful incident took place in the Lvov oblast. There 28-years-old unemployed male raped 81-years-old pensioner, regional Interior Ministry administration of Ukraine reported about it.

Incident took place in Kovery village Pustomytovskiy district Lvov oblast. Unemployed male threatened local old lady with savage punishment and raped her. According to the information of bodies of law and order, rapist is detained. He is in the isolation ward now.

Criminal case has been brought against him.

By Glavred

I thought Yuschenko was against Corruption in the Sauna...

// 20.06.2006 // 18:20 //
Prostitutes Satisfied Kievers in Sauna
Bodies of law and order disclosed lechery centre in Kiev. As it often happens, it has been located in the usual private sauna.

It has been located in Zhmerinskaya street. Militia officers arrived to this place and became eye-witnesses of fact that two females, Kiev resident, 27 and her friend from Zhitomir, 29 offered sexual services to their two clients.

It turned out business manager introduced one girl to another. The regular kind of work for manager was to introduce clients with prostates for gratuity.

She took about 60 dollars per an hour for these girls and 100 hryvnas for the order itself, Glavred reports with a reference to the Public relations centre of Ukraine’s interior Ministry chief administration in Kiev.

Taking into account features of crime have been present there, provided by the second part 302 asset of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Creation or maintenance of lechery places and pandering with an aim to get profit”, which presupposes even to 5 years of imprisonment, Sviatoshinskiy district militia investigation department has initiated criminal case on these facts.

Is that Love?

// 15.06.2006 // 14:28 //
Love in Donetsk: Son-in-Law Cut Up Father-in-Law
Son-in-law valued his father-in-law’s life at the price of 3 thousand of hryvnas in the Donetsk oblast. The reason of murder was son-in-law loved game machines too much.

As NTN TV company reports, Khartsizsk resident, 36 killed his father-in-law with axe and then he set fire to the house. Fire brigade found burnt corpse with numerous wounds. They were called by neigbours who had seen fire. Suspect was detained in time. Now he gives evidence to bodies of law and order.

Detained male had no problems with law before committing a murder. He had been characterized as a conscientious worker at his work at the mine enterprise. But then it turned out male was venturesome person. He had been visiting often different playing enterprises and got into debt in several months. At first he wanted to steal all the savings of his wife’s parents, but he experienced a failure.

Militiamen say male was mad on money and it made him to commit a murder. He took the axe and killed his father-in-law, who had been a pensioner already. After it detained male wanted to cover up his tracks and he set fire to the house. Militia detained son-in-law in some hours after the crime. He tried to confuse militia, but then he told himself how it happened.

It turned out Khartsizk resident had no interests except playing at game machines. He told he had the only one wish – to regain money. Gambler had been dreaming of getting pensioners’ money for a long time. According to suspect’s words, he was not going to kill his relative. Mother-in-law came to them in Khartsizk that evening, and son-in-law came to Makeyevka. He said his wife he had to work at night in order not to provoke any questions.

Father-in-law could not fall asleep for a long time at night. Male did not stand and killed him with axe. He found 3 thousand of hryvnas at relative’s house. Suspect took 1 thousand of hryvnas, and hided two thousand of hryvnas in the yard. After it he returned in Khartsizk as if nothing had happened.

As Oleg Dubina, Makeyevskiy district militia department, criminal investigation department chief in the Chief Administration of the Interior Ministry in the Donetsk oblast told, “main reason is that father-in-law gave him 1 thousand of hryvnas. It means he presented him money 1 month before crime. But detained male did not bring this money to his house; he lost it, although he said his wife that he lent money. After he committed crime he returned home, gave his wife part of money in the morning and said that this person repaid”.

Wife of detained male still cannot believe in what had happened in their family. She says everybody has known her husband as descent and honest person. At the same time local prosecutor office has already brought the action against him on the case of calculated homicide. Court will return a verdict.

Yea, this is why you should not be drunk...

// 14.06.2006 // 13:14 //
Drunk Bums Disfigured Naked Male
Four bums killed male in the Dnepropetrovsk oblast. Then they tried to cover up their tracks – they undressed victim, disfigured his face and threw the body into the flower-bed. Teachers, working in the school number 52, informed militia about murder. They found male’s bloody body in the schoolyard in the morning.

As Dmitry Trotsik, senior investigator of the prosecutor office in the Oktiabrskiy district in Krivoy Rog has told, “militia has arrived at the site of occurrence and stated that corpse of unknown male has been found in the yard in the flower-bed, behind school number 52. It has been lying with violent death signs – injuries of head and thorax”.

Bodies of law and order identified almost at once victim. In some hours they detained suspects. They turned out to be three males and female. All of them are homeless. According to Oleg Kaniuk, chief of the Oktiabrskiy district department in Krivoy Rog, two out of four detainees had been sentenced earlier.

However, they told during examination that they had been drinking alcohol this day together with their victim. Somebody insulted, and fight began. It is already known, what it has ended with.

Prosecutor office in Krivoy Rog has brought the action against bums on murder. They can be put into prison from 8 to 15 years, NTN TV channel informs.


// 13.06.2006 // 13:03 //
Obscene Magnates Caught Red-Handed
It is well-known that pornography business makes a great profit and Ukrainian swindlers keen on making it. Administrative department on struggle with organized crime in the Zaporozhie oblast in Melitopol city have managed to disclose underground shop, which has produced pornography and pirated produce.

Four locals are detained on suspicion of committing a crime. Private entrepreneur has headed this organization.

More than 10 thousands of DVD discs, 2 and half thousand of CD disks, 2 and half thousand of excise marks, thousands of accessories and 670 USA dollars have been seized during search. The cost of exempt things comes to 310 thousand of hryvnas.

Militia officials have brought the suit against plotters on 301 asset part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (import, production, sales and production distribution of pornography produce).

By Glavred

Con Artist of Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seed con artists arrested in Odesa
Three con artists in Odesa oblast have been arrested after paying a farmer 100,000 hryvnia in counterfeit bills.
The three men presented themselves to the farmer as representatives of a Kyiv wholesaler. They paid him the fake hryvnia for 80,000 tons of sunflower seeds. The boxes of bills contained some real hryvnia atop the stacks, the rest were reproduced on a laser printer. The shysters ordered a second shipment of sunflower seeds from the farmer before they were caught.

Hybrid Zaporozhets!?

Hybrid Zaporozhets for sale: $15,000
Two automotive enthusiasts in Ivano-Frankivsk have completely refurbished a classic Ukrainian made Zaporozhets car with parts from Japanese and Korean auto manufacturers.
The two men from the village of Zahvizdia in the Carpathian foothills bought the original Zaporozhets – affectionately called the "humpback" – for eighty hryvnia and two bottles of horilka – that about forty dollars. Volodymyr Mykytsey and Yaroslav Pavlisky said they used parts from Daewoo and Mitsubishi to rebuild the car over the course of two years. Despite all new parts, the Zaporozhets' maximum speed remains 120 kilometers an hour. Their asking price for the rainbow colored car that is called the "Revolution" is 15,000 US dollars.

Largest Sandwich!

Dnipropetrovsk: Largest sandwich national record broken
A gigantic sandwich made of salo, raw pork fat, has set a new national record.
Served up in Dnipropetrovsk, the culinary creation is two and a half meters tall, three meters wide and four meters long. The rye-bread sandwich with garlic and raw pork was made in the shape of a map of Ukraine. The super sized snack was handmade by Chef Ruslan Havrulyk. Representatives from the Guinness Book of Ukrainian Records were on hand to record the event. The previous record was held by a plain shaped sandwich that stood only three meters by three meters high.

Bikers in Odessa!

European bikers gather in Odesa
Fifteen hundred bikers from all across Europe rolled in on their steel horses in Odesa for eighth annual international gathering of motorcyclists in the port city. Over the course of the gathering, bikers will do charity works in and around Odesa. The annual Odesa event will last for another six days.

He's got a Masters in Ukrainian!

Chinese student defends Masters degree in Ukrainian
A student from China has graduated with a Masters diploma from Kharkiv State University. He is the first foreign student at Kharkiv U to defend his diploma in the Ukrainian language.
Lee Don Hai from Beijing defended his diploma in Ukrainian, while the rest of his classmates did so in Russian. Lee Don Hai said that he studied Russian in the past, but a roommate convinced him to learn Ukrainian. He said that he quickly grew fond of the melodic language. Lee Don Hai said that people in Kharkiv are very surprised when the Beijing native speaks to them in Ukrainian. He intends on returning to China after he accepts his red diploma – the highest recognition of excellence – next month.

Hand over his body!?

PGO to hand Gongadze’s body over to mother
The Prosecutor General's Office has agreed to release the remains of slain journalist Heorhiy Gongadze to his mother.
The news was confirmed by Valentyna Telychenko, the lawyer for Gongadze's widow. She said that the PGO agreed to hand over Gongadze's remains after an appeal made by Human rights ombudsperson Nina Karpachova. Mrs. Lesia Gongadze had asked for her intervention in the matter. Now, Gongadze can finally be laid to rest.

Could the Chocolatier be the next Speaker?!

The Our Ukraine Presidium proposes Poroshenko for VR Speaker's job (updated)

The Presidium of Our Ukraine nominates the only one candidate for the Speaker’s job – Petro Poroshenko. A source in Our Ukraine Bloc has informed UNIAN.

According to the source’s words, the OU presidium have addressed the issues on preparation and agenda of the party’s council at midday’s extraordinary meeting. It passed a decision to recommend the Political Council of the Our Ukraine party to back the coalition agreement with BYuT and SPU. The Presidium also proposes the only candidature for the Speaker’s chair – Poroshenko.
OU press secretary Tetyana Mokridi has confirmed the information on the OU Presidium’s decision to nominate Petro Poroshenko for the VR Chairman.

According to her words, Yuri Yekhanurov and Roman Bezsmertny (other candidates of this post) have already recalled their candidacies.

Well at least they realize they need money...

Kharkiv terrorists need money for politics
translated by Pravda , 26.04.2006, 20:35

The SBU and the Internal Affairs Ministry arrested suspects in explosions in Kharkiv supermarkets.

According to Head of Kharkiv Department of Interior Ministry Ihor Repeshko, explosions should have helped to blackmail stores’ owners.

Both suspects were young man, they e-mailed to supermarket owners demanding to pay USD 150,000 and in case of refusal promising to blow up their stores.

Criminals confessed they had asked the supermarket owners to finance their political party. Money should have been remitted to bank accounts and cards while the owners had been called just 30 minutes before explosions.

Action against criminals is brought under 296 article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (hooliganism), but may be changed further.

As known 14 persons were injured including two-year-old child as a result of explosions in supermarkets “Silpo” and “Yusi” in Oleksiivka district in Kharkiv. All were hospitalized with different traumas, few with brain concussions.

Source: UNIAN, Interfax-Ukraine

I want free Ice Cream!

Yushchenko’s Daughter Will Go to Donetsk to Get Free Ice-Cream?
translated by Halyna Bondaruk , 01.06.2006, 10:47

Yushchenko’s daughter will go to Donetsk to get free ice-cream for children?

On Thursday Yushchenko’s daughter Vitalina will arrive into Donetsk, Ostrov reports with references to reliable sources.

President’s daughter will participate in the celebration devoted to opening session on the children’s railway in honour of the International Children’s Day.

Vasyl Hladkikh, the General Director of UkrZaliznytsya, and Mykola Lukhanin, the Head of Donetsk Railway, will attend the celebration together with Vitalina.

On the celebration children will get ice-cream and drinks for free.

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Even if your famous, you'll still get robbed....

Natalia Vitrenko Was Robbed
translated by Maria Tsukanova , 20.06.2006, 14:32

According to Segonya periodical, somebody broke in and robbed the business car of Natalia Vitrenko, the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine.
It happened near Tarasivka village, located not far from Tsyuryupinsk in Kherson region.

The car was parked on the roadside. The side-doors were closed but the windows were left open.

The robber opened the car, took a case with a private and business documentation, $1000 and 1500 UAN. All these things as well as 3 cell phones retaining phone-numbers of some well-known politicians disappeared.

“Vladimir Marchenko and I were driving in the car from Kyiv to the Crimea to participate in a party’s conference. In the morning, we parked the car near a poppy field. We got out of the car for 10 minutes to take photos,” says Vitrenko.

She doesn’t think the robber acted from political motives. She is sure it is her own fault.

First Nuclear Material, then Salo is being smuggled into Ukraine... what next Sugar Cane!?

Sugar cane is smuggled in Ukraine
translated by Maria Tsukanova , 22.06.2006, 20:18

State Enterprise Ukrspetspostach declares that Ukraine has been using the black-market cane-sugar produced from its take-back feedstock, Interfax-Ukraine reports with the reference to the company’s press-conference on June 20.

“Ukrspetspostach demands to stop plundering its sugar-warehouse located in Odessa city,” the news agency quoted Olena Tishchenko, the company’s lawyer, as saying.

As to her, in September of 2005 State Enterprise [SE] signed a 25-tones cane-sugar-processing contract with Kirgiz limited liability company TOV Aviatsiyny Soyuz.

Meanwhile, SE concluded an agreement with another limited liability company, TOV Zhovtyeviy sugar plant, on further processing this raw-sugar.

SE exported 9 tones of the all produced sugar.

With Odessa’s custom office dragging out all necessary procedures, the company has been allowed no entry to the store. As a result, the rest of the sugar must have being kept inside Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the domestic market has seen about two thousand tax-and-duty-free tones of the sugar on sale.

Source: Economychna Pravda

Super Vodka, so good you won't get a hangover!

The project to create the special Kremlin vodka involved most brilliant Soviet scientists

Leonid Brezhnev, a well-known Soviet leader, used to have a fondness for cigarettes called Novost. The tobacco for those cigarettes used to be delivered directly from Virginia. Deluxe cigarettes were complete with charcoal filters, made of juniper coal (a ton of the plant puts out only 30 kg of finest juniper coal).

Soviet leaders smoked special cigarettes and drank special vodka. Another leader, Nikita Khrushchev, ordered to develop a special recipe for the high-class alcohol beverage. Khrushchev demanded the political elite should not suffer from hangovers after strong drinks.

The project to create the special Kremlin vodka involved most brilliant Soviet scientists, several closed scientific laboratories. In addition to it, the research gave start to the establishment of two institutes of alcohol in Moscow and Kiev.

The communist elite vodka was supposed to be crystal clear, made of highest quality alcohol and water. In addition, the beverage was supposed to taste perfectly: no sugar, honey, glucose, or other softeners. Scientists started conducting numerous experiments with alcohol and water, cooperating with the national defense industry and even with the Central Intelligence Administration.

The alcohol for the Kremlin vodka was thoroughly purified to remove all admixtures. Water was processed to have its 'memory erased' - the technology was also used to produce drinking water for the Soviet elite. Scientists believe that water is capable of saving information, which might leave a genetic trace in human body.

Luxury vodka was produced under one and the same temperature in special thermal chambers. The Soviet political elite was happy. Academician Kapitsa said that the Kremlin vodka was very easy and pleasant to drink: 'I had to change my attitude to alcohol drinks because of the vodka that I tried in the Kremlin. It did not make me drunk, but it gave me a wonderful feeling of cheerfulness. It tasted remarkably. I cannot say that I drank too much of it, but I had no hangover in the morning at all.'

The fate of the Kremlin vodka became rather vague in the post-perestroika period. Rumors say that politicians were fighting for it when they were dividing the wealth of the communist party. Far-sighted 'businessmen' from the KGB administration took possession of the enormous technological and scientific base, and the Kremlin vodka went into the background. It appeared again after political and financial shocks in Russia, when business started developing in the country.

The development and production of elite vodka was encoded as SV - special vodka. The SV vodka was produced for export to Germany and Cuba. One of the factories, which produced the Kremlin vodka, was built in Ukraine. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian government tried to bring the plant back to Russia, but Ukrainian officials did not want to bid farewell to it. It was decided to keep the factory in Ukraine and split the property between the two countries.

Irina Petrenko

Sometimes Tomatos are the most effective weapon.


The building of the US embassy in Ukraine's capital Kiev was picketed by about 500 representatives of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine. The members of such associations as Russian Bloc, National Ukrainian Association Justice also took part in the meeting. The people were protesting the USA's policy regarding Iraq.

The protesters publicly knocked George Bush's stuffed figure down and threw tomatoes in it. In the end, they transfixed it with the 'scythe of death.'

The show continued with tribune speeches. The main speaker was Natalia Vitrenko, the leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine. She declared during the meeting that there was a need to create the 'triangle of justice.' This triangle is supposed to include the Slavic world (Ukraine-Belarus-Russia), the Arab world, as well as China and India. She said that those countries could stand together against the American aggression against Iraq.

Vitrenko reminded that Ukrainians voted against Ukraine's participation in NATO. 'No Ukraine in NATO,' - exclaimed she. After she finished her speech, the participants of the meeting tossed white doves in the air and sang patriotic songs.

The protesters also passed the resolution, in which it was offered to pronounce American ambassador to Ukraine Carlos Pascual persona non grata. They suggested the ambassador should be expelled from Ukraine, the bombing of Iraq should be stopped, sanctions against Cuba and Iraq should be withdrawn. The resolution also offered to put George Bush on the international trial in the Hague Tribunal.

Natalia Vitrenko also proclaimed that her party was standing for the retrieval of the Soviet power. She stated that the Socialist Party of Ukraine was struggling against the regime of the incumbent Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, against the International Monetary Fund and oligarchs.

Alexander Gorobets

Sometimes a Ukrainian Woman will quit after a day!

The ancient profession is far from being nice and easy

All the information about the job was available on the telephone: the wages would be about $1,000, the first three days would be given as a probation period, so that a girl could see, if it was a good job or not. If a girl was coming from another town, the firm would pay her trip to the capital and back.

"I arrived in Kiev, Ukraine. A man of 30 years old met me at the central railway station. He turned out to be a driver. There was another girl sitting in his car, she came from the city of Kharkov. She was a 25-year-old blond, a pretty one. The man was driving very fast. When I saw his old car, I was disappointed. I did not understand, that it was just a driver, not the boss. We were driving in Kiev, there were a lot of cars around us. Then we finally approached an old apartment building and went up to the third storey. A man with an ugly belly opened the door. As I found out later, he was one of the main pimps. He was looking at us for quite a while, kept the blond for himself and told the driver to take me to another place.

"The driver took me to another apartment, where I was introduced to a tall man, he was younger than the previous one. It was a three-room apartment, there were two other people in there - another young man and a very young girl. The tall man asked me to go to his bedroom. In the evening, they took us to the place of our work, somewhere in the center of the city. We stopped somewhere in a nook, near a kindergarten. They left us in the car with the young girl. I was 30 years old, but I looked 25. Other cars were coming too - girls were stepping out of them and then getting in the UAZ vehicle that was parked nearby. It was stuffy in the car, but we were not allowed to get out.

"A woman of 36 years old wearing a track suit came up to our car soon - she was a "madam." As it turned out later, she was supposed to get girls out of various difficult situations and solve problems with the police. She looked us over and asked us to give our passports to her. I was promised that passports would not be taken away from us, but the madam said that she needed our IDs to solve problems with cops. I did not really believe her. Cars were coming and coming, girls were getting out of them - a lot of them were not pretty at all. Soon they gave us the address where we would live and work. When it got dark, they took everyone to a narrow side street between an administrative building and the kindergarten fence. Clients were driving in the side street one by one. It smelled awful, everybody was smoking. I was very nervous, I wanted to drink something, but it was impossible. I was not supposed to go anywhere.

"Girls were divided into three categories according to their prices: $100, $70 and $50. I found myself in the group of $70-girls. When a client was driving up, the madam screamed out the price that a client was able to pay. Girls were supposed to get in line in front of his car. That process seemed absolutely wild to me, so I started thinking of getting out of the place. I have not had an experience of working with pimps, lining up in front of clients' cars. Nobody told me such details, I thought everything would be happening in a more decent way. I was struck to see that with my own eyes. Other girls told me, emergent situations were rather frequent. I learnt that clients would often keep girls for several hours, although they paid only for one or two. In addition to it, I learnt that girls had to work a certain sum of $400 or $500 to get their passports back. The first money would come only in a week. Stories were rather messy, maybe they did not want to tell me the whole truth. I did not believe that I would be earning a thousand bucks a month.

"I did not know, why I decided to do that. Nobody was keeping me in my hometown - I had no husband, no children, no job there. I wanted easy money, an adventure, taking into consideration the fact that I have never been indifferent to sex. I decided to take a risk, but the reality turned out to be disgusting. I had to be there in the line of girls three times that night, but clients would not pick me up for some reason. I was very tired, I could not stand that tobacco smell any longer. I decided to get out of that place. A guy came up to me and asked me if I was a new girl or not. I told him that I would not be able to work under such conditions. He started asking me to stay, but I was persistent. The guy brought me to the madam. She started yelling at me, called me a fool, and then she wondered, which girl had frightened me with silly chatting. I just said that I was not willing to work there. The madam finally gave me my passport back. I have to give credit to pimps - they took me to the railway station with all my stuff. That was the end of my unsuccessful career in the Ukrainian capital.

"I would like to warn the girls, who dream of easy money. The ancient profession is not easy , it is far from being nice. They treat you like cheap goods that have absolutely no rights. I would advise to think a lot before making such a decision."

Yea... Sun Eaters are found everywhere... including Ukraine.

Nikolai Dolgoruky calls himself a 'sun eater.' He lives in the Dnepr region of Ukraine.

He feeds only on prana and solar energy. After arriving in a village where he lives, I saw a barefooted man standing on the porch. He was wearing a bright orange dress with the sun embroidered on the chest. The man's face looked otherworldly, his eyes glistened, and a smile crossed his face. He moved about easily and seemed to be barely touching the ground. He did not have no sunken cheeks nor bags under his eyes. His skin was glowing from inside as if he were a happy teenaged girl.

It is obvious that Nikolai has become a qualified interviewee. He fell into the habit of giving interviews on a regular basis. A Japanese TV crew left the village a few days ago. They shot a film about Nikolai.

'The reason why I've become a 'sun eater' has nothing to do with cutting down on grocery bills,' says Nikolai with a smile. 'This is a spiritual way. Why do all the religions of the world have Lent? It is designed to cleanse the soul and encourage the human being to think more of things lofty and get rid of morally low desires. Saying goodbye to food means a farewell to many carnal dependencies. I consume space energy in place of natural foodstuffs. But I had continually fasting for 14 years before I stopped coarse food altogether. I ate only kasha, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Then I switched to liquid foods - vegetable broths, cocoa and hot chocolate. And one day it came as a stunning revelation that I can do without any food. Since then I've been living on a strict diet of tea with honey and some boiling water with fish soup spices. I use only charged water that is taken off the stovetop one moment before it boils. I drink about ten cups a day. I get the rest of my food from the Sun and Cosmos. I can even feel my blood getting rejuvenated.

'Do you mean you stop feeling hunger as you stare at the sun?'

'I stopped feeling hunger a long time ago. The sun charges me with energy as if I were a battery. Some day everybody will be capable of running on solar energy. The trees and flower exist because of photosynthesis. And man is part of nature. There is a huge release of energy in the human body once man gets rid of coarse food. It's the energy that was previously used for digestion. Man reaches a completely different level of mental and physical development.'

Sleeping Beauty... a Ukrainian!?

The beginning of this wonderful story is not likely to shock anyone. A young woman was living in one of the industrial residential areas of the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrosvk. The residential area was located close to the by-product coke plant. The walls of the buildings get dark of soot there and the air is filled with the smell of hydrogen sulphide. The memories of her childhood and youth were not good either. Her family was dispossessed by revolutionaries in the 1930s, her husband died during the WWII, she lost her child as well.

After the WWII was over, she remarried and gave birth to a baby girl. The new husband liked to drink, so there were a lot of quarrels in their house. After one of them, Nadezhda Lebedina was crying and crying and then she fell asleep. It happened back in 1954. Nadezhda woke up twenty years later, in 1974. She doesn't remember a thing of what was happening to her during that really long period of time.

Ambulance took Nadezhda to the psychological hospital that was attached to he Medical Institute of Dnepropetrovsk. Doctors could not wake the woman up. They had to set up the pump way of nourishment and established the medical control over her.

No pathological changes were found during the medical examination of the patient. Her pulse was a bit weaker and the temperature was a bit lower than usual. Doctors addressed to the similar occasion, which was described by academician Pavlov.

He was watching patient Kachalkin, who spent 20 years of his life sleeping. The sleep was not deep, Pavlov wrote that the patient could get up and sit sometimes, keeping his eyes closed. Kachalkin was suffering from a very serious form of schizophrenia. Sleep became a reaction to the illness. This incident made Nadezhda Lebedina's doctors diagnose the same - schizophrenia. Lebedina's case history was destroyed. It is impossible to find out, how Lebedina's condition was changing. We know only one thing. Nadezhda's mother lost any hope in four years of her daughter's sleep. She made doctors check her out and then she took her home.

Years were going by, Nadezhda's mother got older and she could not take care of her sleeping daughter. Nadezhda's daughter Valentina grew up and then decided to do another medical examination. Doctors came to conclusion that she was absolutely healthy. They said that maybe it would be better to take her to a disabled people's house, but when they said that, Nadezhda started sobbing. Valentina got scared, she took her mother to her sister's house.

She woke up several years later. Nadezhda Lebedina was taken to the hospital of psychological illnesses of the Medical Institute of Dnepropetrovsk. At first Nadezhda could not believe that she was sleeping for twenty years. She was certain that she fell asleep yesterday. She just said that her dream was not very good, there was something unpleasant about it all the time.

It is amazing, but it took her only two weeks to get use to the new life. She recognized her daughter that had already become a young woman.

Doctors of psychology spent a lot of their time with her, but they did not manage to confirm the previous diagnosis. When Nadezhda woke up, she looked as young as when she fell asleep. However, she was getting old very fast afterwards. A spokeswoman for the Institute said: 'I could see her getting old in front of my own eyes! Every new day was marked with new wrinkles, her hair was getting gray. Biological clock was working very fast. She left our hospital in six months, and she looked according to her 54 years.'

Most of all, the doctors were very surprised about the fact that Nadezhda had no bedsores at all. American doctors from Wisconsin University used a special bed with aired mattress. The bed was used for the patient that fell asleep for eight years after a cranial injury.

It is strange that such a unique case was never exposed to the public eye, not even in the world of medicine. Nadezhda Lebedina is still living in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. She leads a usual life for an elderly woman.

Now this girl has Kozak strength!

Twin sisters Tanya and Natasha live in Zaporozhye, a city in southeast Ukraine. They are in the seventh grade. And both of them can easily lift a 100-kilo barbell. It seems incredible but it is true. Their amazing achievements have been entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The sisters with pigtails caused a sensation on a tournament for weightlifters in the age group under 15. 'Don't you feel a little bit afraid?' said the coach Nikolai Dubov while gently tapping Natasha's shoulder. 'Nope,' said a tall girl who looked really built. Then a broad smile crossed her face. She had a spring in her walk as she approached a 100-kilo barbell. Natasha picked up the weight and lifted it up to her chest level. A moment later, Natasha raised it easily above her head. Several minutes later she lifted a 105-kilo barbell.

In the meantime, Natasha's twin sister Tanya was warming up to break her own record. Her time has finally arrived. The girl placed a 130-kilo barbell over her shoulders and squatted elegantly. Then she stood up. Tanya eventually lifted up a 140-kilo weight in her second attempt.

Nikolai Dubov, an honorary coach of Ukraine, could not hold back his admiration. 'Bravo!' he shouted out loud before making a sentimental confession to journalists: 'These girls are the most talented and hardworking kids I've worked with during my 25 years of coaching career!'

The sisters began playing with dumbbells and barbells after they turned 9. It must be running in the family: their father is Yakov Sirota, a power lifting athlete. The girls are Yakov's most ardent fans. From their early years, they watched and admired the training sessions of Elena Zinovyeva, the European champion in female weightlifting.

'I just grunted and scratched my head when they told me that they wanted to lift barbells,' says Yakov with a smile. 'You know, they weren't asking permission, they were simply informing me. Well, I gave it a thought and reckoned that they will be okay if they have a knack and determination for weightlifting. Their mom didn't mind their intention either. Sure thing, we had a word with doctors to find out whether the weightlifting will have any negative impact on the girl's health. On the other hand, my wife and I had to fool our parents for quite a while - we'd tell them that their grandchildren attend some modern rhythmic gymnastics classes. These days they're very proud of the girls. The granddad and grandma go to every weightlifting event in our town. The weightlifting really pays off - the girls now stay healthy throughout the year. They'd catch cold or flu regularly in the past,' says Yakov.

Watch where you Sun bathe...

One Russian citizen, a young girl, has been reportedly killed in the disaster

Rescuing works on the beach near the settlement of Kacha, on the outskirts of the city of Sevastopol, the Black Sea coast, continued throughout the night. Rescuers did not manage to uncover anybody, who was buried under the massive landslide, a spokesman for the EMERCOM of Ukraine said. According to the official, it became possible to find several things and clothes, which belonged to the vacationers.

Specialists say that several people could probably be buried under eight meters of mud. 'There are hardly any chances for victims to survive the disaster. There is basically red clay in the landslide - it is the air-tight ground,' the head of the Ukrainian EMERCOM, David Zhvania said.

Rescuing works will continue until the last body is removed from under the heaps of mud and stones. The head of the Sevastopol city administration, Sergei Ivanov, told Interfax that rescuers would most likely complete their works soon. 'According to preliminary estimates, we have found everyone, who could be buried under the ground of the landslide. We have uncovered a family of four members. They are all alive and safe. The people who were resting on the beach next to this family have been found too. They had left the beach before the disaster,' Ivanov said.

The landslide covered 26 people in total; 16 of them were saved, a spokesman for the rescuing headquarters, Miroslav Sagaidak said. There was one child among the victims of the natural disaster: the boy was playing at the foot of the mountain, shortly before a massive piece of ground separated from it and swept down. The child was lucky to survive the disaster, though.

A woman, whom the rescuers uncovered from under the ground, told reporters, that she had not been injured in the accident at all. 'I did not stay under the ground for long. I only have several scratches. I remember someone screaming 'Look out!' and that was it,' the woman said.

The landslide of clay and rocks covered the beach on the sea coast situated 50 kilometers far from Sevastopol yesterday. The 60 m2 landslide was some 30 meters wide. About 600 cubic meters of rain-soaked mud and rocks slid down on sunbathers. Many of them saved themselves by running into the sea.

A 16-year-old Russian girl was killed in the disaster. The girl came to Ukraine's Crimea with her mother from the Vladimir region of Russia. The girl's mother survived. Another Russian girl, born in 1984, was hospitalized in severe condition, with numerous fractures.

The police took a census of all holiday-makers in the disaster-hit area. The settlement of Kacha, where a military unit of the Russian Black Sea Navy is deployed, enjoys great popularity among the holiday-makers. A lot of Russian sports stars have their summer homes in the region.

Ukraine and Poland to Unite???

Pope Benedict XVI has just concluded a visit to Poland, where he exhorted Poles to spread their Christian faith throughout the world. Poland these days is one of those epicenters of world history, along with Palestine and China, where future history is being shaped. In contrast with Poland, we observe nations such as America, Germany, and France, the rotting carcasses of history.
Recent history verifies the vision of German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803), who viewed nations as collectives of individuals united by language, history, and culture. Herder predicted that Europe's future would be determined by Slavs. Europe is dying, having rejected the Christian faith upon which its history was built. The future of Europe belongs to a new superpower, the union of Poland and Ukraine.

In early May of this year the presidents of Ukraine and Poland met in a Polish village to commemorate the slaughter of Poles and Ukrainians during and after the Second World War, when waves of ethnic cleansing resulted in mass murders of ethnic Poles and Ukrainians. The history of Polish-Ukrainian relations in the twentieth century is complicated, and each side might seem justified in maintaining its national antagonism. Yet the recent efforts to reconcile Ukrainians and Poles are encouraging, in that each side has pledged to forget past conflicts and to work towards reconciliation.

Poles have been distinguished by their often naive idealism. An example is seen with Polish King Jan Sobieski, who dashed to Vienna with his army in 1683 to defeat the Turks, thus saving Europe from a Turkish onslaught. A century later Austria participated in the partition of Poland, which resulted in the demise of Poland as a political state. In view of subsequent Polish history, Poles could hardly praise Sobieski's idealism and sacrifices for Vienna. Yet idealism, however impractical, is the virtue of the Poles, evident in their staunch Catholicism. Drowning today in a sea of consumerism, materialism and relativism, Europe knows no idealism.

The idea of nationalism is not much compatible with a 'union of nations,' though that is, in fact, what Poland achieved in uniting with Lithuania in the sixteenth century. And now Poland and Ukraine are poised to unite as 'brother nations,' as the presidents of each nation have addressed each other recently on several occasions.

The virtue of the Ukrainians is their fervent Eastern Christianity, combined with a deep attachment to their native folk culture. It is Europe's Center and East, Poland and Ukraine, areas spared the glut of materialistic modernity, which will ultimately save Europe, though this event represents one of the bizarre twists of history. As Western Europe dies, a new 'primitive,' folkish strength emerges from Central and Eastern Europe.

The possible union of Ukraine and Poland will mean the unification and reconciliation of two Slav nations of similar language, history, culture, and religious sensibility. Such a union would also mark the reconciliation of Western and Eastern Christianity. Ukraine will become the center of a Ukrainian patriarchate which unifies the Orthodox and Greek Catholics and is in communion with both the Pope of Rome and the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople. The declaration of that union will be a time of rejoicing and the anticipation of the endtimes.

I am always struck in Poland or in Ukraine by the absence of qualities found in the other country. The Union of Ukraine and Poland will represent a type of utopia on earth for those inclined to the Christian gospel. The Union of Poland and Ukraine will initiate a new stage of world history.

The centers of power are shifting in the world. China emerges as a new, potentially dangerous power as America, Germany, and France are reduced to Third World Status. Russia and Iran are dominated by reactionary regimes, which are, however, rightly opposed to the evil of the Israeli-American alliance. The center of world conflicts remains Palestine, where a racist, ethnocentric state persecutes the autochthonous population. In Europe, the center of political focus shifts eastward, as a powerful Christian nation will emerge in a new union of Poland and Ukraine.

Stojgniev O'Donnell
Vosnesinnja Hospodne 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jealousy is not good in Ukraine...

Fatal Consequences of Female Jealousy
Female jealousy is known to be dreadful thing. That is why it is better not to provoke the fair sex to be jealous as consequences may occur fatal. One jealous female knifed 20-years-old rival in Lugansk. PR centre of Ukraine’s Interior Ministry in Lugansk region has informed about it.

Zhovtnevy district militia department in Lugansk region has got information that dead body of female, 1986 born, is found in the apartments Vatutin Street. She had knife injury.

Criminal investigation department officials detained female, 1972 born on suspicion of committing a crime during investigation, ForUm reports. According to provisional data, they stated female committed a crime because of jealousy.

You know... I'm really started to wonder about Kharkovites,,,

Kharkovian was seized for selling the harmful computer programs designed for unsanctioned penetrating and intervention into the work of computers, electrical communications and automation systems. 54-year-old man was seized by the officers of the regional department of Security Service.

It was confiscated more than 4 thousand different viruses, worms and Trojans.

Officers of Security Service had to buy the viruses to fix the activity of the violator and it allowed them to catch him red-handed.

The criminal case was initiated versus 54-year-old man in a clause of distribution and selling the harmful software and hardware, press service of Security Service reported.

// 09.03.2006 22:09

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I don't think so...!

The frontier guards along with custom inspectors during the vetting of train No.91 “Moscow – Poltava” have found in the luggage of Russian citizen the early edition of Shevchenko’s “Kobzar” that had been printed in Saint-Petersburg in 1867.

As press secretary of Kharkiv border unit Dimitry Gorkoltsev reported, the 49-year-old Muscovite was hiding a rarity in the bag with furled clothes. The Russian explained that this book is a family relic but couldn’t say why he was carrying it into Ukraine.

Now the seized book is on a custom. The expertise would estimate its cultural and historical value.

// 29.03.2006 17:32

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No more MAK for you!

Law enforcers have found the poppy plantation on Spobodovka village in Shevchenkovo district. 33-year-old man was growing poppy in his vegetable garden.

Law enforcers have found the poppy plantation on Spobodovka village in Shevchenkovo district. 33-year-old man was growing poppy in his vegetable garden.
// 23.05.2006 19:33

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From now on!

Equal rights and scopes – to men and women. From January 1 the law of gender equality is on effect in Ukraine. For the first time it gives determinations of such things as sexual harassment, equality and gender discrimination.

Different retirement age or compulsory draft are not considered as discrimination. The representatives of female organizations think that the main shortcoming of a law is that any penalty for its violation is not prescribed. That is why discrimination would not be overcame efficiently.

Beware of Cats!

Kharkovian Was Attacked By Her Own Cat

The woman that lives in Ordzhonikidzevsky district of Kharkiv has been attacked by her own cat. An animal has bitten and scratched her.

As Kharkiv Regional Propaganda Center of the Chief Department of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine informed, the woman didn’t know what to do and called for rescues. After that she locked furious animal on the balcony and began to wait for help.

The rescues that arrived took the cat to the veterinary clinic. It would take 10 days to specify rabies. All this time the pet will spend in isolator.

Sometimes you have to watch where you are going...

The bus fell through asphalt in Kharkiv

Today in the center of the city, on Rymarskaya street near the philharmonic the bus fell through asphalt.

The vehicle came under the ground with front wheels. As correspondent of the Agency MediaPort reported, the bus brought the National orchestra of people’s instruments from Kyiv to Kharkiv for touring. Musicians stay for the four days already in the city.

Today in the morning about 9 a.m. the bus brought the troupe to the philharmonic and stayed waiting. When musicians came out after the repetition it appeared that the vehicle came under the ground.

The bus was pulled out the hole with two special cranes. About 6.40 p.m. it was dragged from the gap.

As the chief of the city municipal services Viktor Kitanin said, city authorities would investigate the reasons of caving in this place.

Hooligans has painted the Kharkiv metro trains

Hooliganism in the artistic style. Four trains covered with graffiti were found by metropolitan workers on Saturday in the daytime in dead end of “Kholodnaya Gora” station. The trains go to the dead ends at the end of working day, after midnight. According to the version of militia, the painters penetrated there at about 1.30 a.m.

Firstly they opened up the ventilation that overlooks the street near the entrance to the metro station, then came down the tunnel with alpine equipment, cut out heavy armature that close the way to the metro dead end and within an hour were painting with spray paints. Two locomotives and two trains got the new look.

Militiamen say that there are even autographs and the signatures of creators on the paintings but it hardly can help militia because the works are signed with nicks.

How many people were engaged for the painting militia can’t say but it definitely was the group because they were pressed of time – security patrol inspects the dead line no less then once in two hours. It took nearly two hours for ten depot workers to wash the painting. The metropolitan evaluated the damage of hooligans’ art in UAH 1500.

Graffiti amateurs enter the underground’s dead ends not for the first time. These pictures, militia says, were made by hooligans on metro trains last year, on the Youth Day.

Ukrainian Teenagers Cut Man’s Throat for Bottle of Vodka

Ukrainian Teenagers Cut Man’s Throat for Bottle of Vodka
Created: 31.05.2006 17:07 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 17:07 MSK

While celebrating the last day of high school, Ukrainian teenagers cut a man’s throat to take a bottle of vodka from him.

A woman called the ambulance in the town of Zaporozhye Monday and said her husband’s throat had been cut.

The man, 43, was walking home past a school building when he was attacked by a group of teenagers celebrating their last day of high school. The attackers beat him up and took the bottle of vodka he was carrying for the parents’ celebration of the same event.

Before they left, the teenagers decided they would cut the man’s throat to prevent being punished.

Bleeding, the wounded man managed to get home and tell his wife what had happened.

The police are investigating the incident, the Novy Region website says.

According to the local police, ten boys and girls were found lying unconscious in the streets and brought to Zaporozhye hospitals after drinking too much at the last day of school celebrations

First Canada, now Ukraine!

Group Sex Permitted in Ukraine
Fancy group sex club works in Sevastopol’. It organizers meetings of like-minded people for the delightful sexual communication.

According to the club’s rules, only people of majority age not older than 40 years with heterosexual orientation can join it. Residents of Sevastopol’ have the advantage. Joining the club does not include mutual duties.
Fancy group sex club receives applications on the entry on-line. Applicant should tell his gender, growth, weight, age and give picture.

People from this club discuss plans for week-end on every Saturday. Actions of club can be found on the web-site. There the brief descriptions of meetings are published. Fancy of group sex held the first meeting in the beginning of September, New Region wrote.


Frontier guards seized a large shipment of contraband

A man in UAZ car was stopped on the border yesterday with contraband automotive parts, footwear and clothes that he attempted to carry from Russia to Ukraine. Trespasser was seized by soldiers of border division “Dergachy” of Kharkiv border unit in 400 meters from the borderline.

As press secretary of border unit Dimitry Gorkoltsev reported, the shipment is estimated in UAH 22 550, the car in UAH 4 thousand.

In the same day few hours later one more UAZ was seized with Kharkovian who carried automotive parts from Russia. The conraband is estimated in UAH 68 730.

Arrested trespassers were given to the representatives of Magistral customs.

Talk about how Awesome AeroSvit is...!

So is it like- you have to be this tall to ride the railroad?

Vitalina Yushchenko opened Donetsk Children's Railroad

Vitalina Yushchenko and her two children have taken part in opening ceremony of Donetsk Children Railway Road. The event has been held within the framework of celebration of the International Children’s Day.

President’s daughter, Ukrzaliznytsa authorities, children and young railwaymen made a trip by Donetsk children train. She and her daughter and son have been conferred a rank “The Honourable Passengers of the Children’s Railroad.”

The guests visited the Museum of the Children’s Railroad.

Donetsk Children's Railroad launched its work in 1936. It has been under reconstruction for several yers. Its extension is 2.1 km and the trip takes about 25 minutes.

Ukrainians Enslaving Russians!?

Ukrainian Accused of Enslaving Russian Woman
Created: 09.06.2006 10:54 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 10:54 MSK

A Ukrainian woman has been arrested in Orlando for allegedly harboring an illegal alien — a 24-year-old Russian woman she was accused of enslaving, beating and forcing into prostitution, The Associated Press reports.

U.S. Magistrate Wednesday ordered Yelena Aleksandrovna Telichenko held without bail until a hearing next week. Telichenko was ordered deported by an immigration judge last year. She was arrested only on charges she harbored an illegal alien. Orlando police were called, but the 24-year-old refused to file a report.

According to an affidavit, Telichenko at one point offered the Russian woman to a man who introduced them to a pimp. The victim said Telichenko forced her to sleep with men, charging up to $150, to pay for rent and food.

The victim could be deported as well, but authorities say she may be eligible for a special visa for victims of human trafficking.

An Epidemic of Unexplained Illness to appear in Ukraine.... The World Cup!

Employers Asked to Turn Blind Eye on Day of Ukraine’s World Cup Performance
Created: 31.05.2006 14:47 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 14:47 MSK

The Ukrainian government asked employers to adjust the working day on June 14 so that Ukrainians can watch their national soccer team make its debut in the World Cup, AP reports.

“On June 14 at 4 p.m., we expect an epidemic of unexplained illness to appear in Ukraine,” Prime Minister Yury Yekhanurov said Wednesday.

Ukraine’s appearance in the World Cup is a source of pride for the ex-Soviet republic, whose team is led by AC Milan’s Andriy Shevchenko — one of the world’s top strikers. Much of the country’s 47 million population is expected to watch a TV broadcast of the team’s opening game.

Yekhanurov, noting that the game starts near the end of the working day, said the government recommended that employers start the day earlier or bring in televisions and allow a break.

“I want to say this so that all our players know that the government and all of the people will be supporting you,” Yekhanurov said at a cabinet session.

Ukraine is playing in Group H, which also includes Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. Shevchenko, who hurt his knee on May 7, is not playing in the warm-ups, but is expected to recover in time for the opener against Spain.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I guess God was not on his side....

KIEV (Reuters) - A man shouting that God would keep him safe was mauled to death by a lioness in Kiev zoo after he crept into the animal's enclosure, a zoo official said on Monday.

"The man shouted 'God will save me, if he exists', lowered himself by a rope into the enclosure, took his shoes off and went up to the lions," the official said.

"A lioness went straight for him, knocked him down and severed his carotid artery."

The incident, Sunday evening when the zoo was packed with visitors, was the first of its kind at the attraction. Lions and tigers are kept in an "animal island" protected by thick concrete blocks.

yep... that's only in Ukraine!