Monday, February 05, 2007

Ukraine Construction Workers Level Apartment Building By Accident

Ukrainian police arrested three construction workers for accidentally levelling an apartment building, the Sehodnia newspaper reported Monday.

The incident happened in the historic old town section of the Black Sea port Odessa. A two-story block built in the early 20th century was half flattened.

Labourers working without a permit removed load-carrying walls, internal beams, and roof supports in an attempt to perform major repairs to a second-floor apartment.

A substantial portion of the building caved in, leaving five families homeless. No injuries were reported.

Police arriving to investigate were initially unable to locate the workers, but residents assisted the police in tracking them down.

One construction worker was found hiding in an adjacent apartment building, a second underneath a table in the rubble, while the third had locked himself into the remains of a toilet.
All three were taken to a central police station for questioning.

Central Odessa with its extensive pre-revolutionary architecture is among the most visually charming cities in the former Soviet Union.

Poor maintenance over nearly a century has made sudden collapse a danger in some older buildings, especially if unqualified labourers interfere with sometimes frail internal support walls.

Only in Ukraine...!


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