Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Underground Telephone Service??

Security Service of Ukraine Disclosed Underground Telephone Office
Officials at the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) Department in Kyiv detained group of businessmen who created underground telephone office.

As SSU department press-service in Kyiv informed, businessmen had been receiving from Internet international traffic of negotiations with the help of IP-technology and substituted foreign numbers of telephone subscribers to the number of Kyiv providers of fixed and mobile communication.

It gave clients of illegal telephone operators opportunity to reckon international calls as city ones. Cost of minute of talk reduced by four-ten times. Businessmen made money ten thousands of dollars by difference in rates.

When law enforcement in Kyiv cleared up the way of committing a crime, they managed to find and detain plotters in Kharkov. There underground telephone office was situated in the Kyivskiy district of city in the office of commercial firm which was involved into translations from foreign languages. As a result of search, routers, modems and GSM-equipment were seized in the amount of nearly UAH 200,000. Thus substitution of telephone traffic had been carried out.

Investigators at the SSU department in Kyiv have been investigating criminal case on crime secured by the first clause 361 article (unauthorized interference into the work of electronic computers, computer-aided systems, computer networks or electrical communication networks) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.


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