Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ukrainian Girl Terminates ATM!

Ukrainian teen fights the Rise of the Machines™
14-year-old terminates ATM
By Lester Haines

Published Wednesday 13th October 2004 10:27 GMT

A 14-year-old Ukrainian girl has struck a blow for humanity in the war against belligerent technology by completely destroying a Yalta cash machine - with her bare hands.
The plucky freedom fighter took on the avaricious ATM after it swallowed her cash card. In the ensuing battle, the youth - described by police as "looking like she couldn't hurt a fly" - caused £4,500 worth of damage to the Privatbank dispenser. The unnamed girl told the press: "I just got angry and couldn't control myself after the machine took my card. I train regularly at a local boxing club to keep fit - I guess I must have learned a few things."
Absolutely. If the young lady in question would like to contact El Reg, we have a few bits of obstreperous kit which would benefit from an application of the "Ukrainian Handshake" - starting with the UK's murderous cyberloos. ®


At 11:18 AM, Blogger verbality said...

That's badass. Many times that my wife used her ATM card in Ukraine it would just say, "Out of Cash".


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