Sunday, April 22, 2007

WOW! a bottle of cognac goes a long way in Ukraine!!!

Imagine what you could do with 2 bottles of cognac.... become president???

Leader of the Yabluko Party Mykhailo Brodskyi accuses the eponymous bloc leader Yulia Tymoshenko of her intention to bribe Constitutional Court judges.

Brodskyi announced this at a press conference of the leaders of the Tymoshenko Bloc, of the Our Ukraine People's Union Party Vjacheslav Kyrylenko and of the Narodna Samooborona public and political movement Yurii Lutsenko.

Making use of a halt between speeches of the oppositionists Brodskyi, who was present in the room jumped up and proposed the reporters to give an account of his own, alternative point of view on the current political situation.

"Yulia Volodymyrivna promised me personally a bottle of cognac in case of she fails to bribe Constitutional Court judges and asked me for money to do this," said Brodskyi.

He also accused Tymoshenko of attempts to split the country and push it towards a civil war.

"Hold! You are but forcing events happened in Subdniestria, Kosovo for the country... leave politics, stop yourself until I stop you completely," said Brodskyi.

He also was surprised that Kyrylenko and Lutsenko are cooperating with Tymoshenko.

Brodskyi called Tymoshenko's political force a totalitarian sect.

"Come to your senses! We have our single Fatherland - and this is not the Batkivschyna party," he said addressing Lutsenko and Kyrylenko.

As Ukrainian News reported, in winter delegates of the Yabluko Party congress announced it an opposition party and decided to turn to the Tymoshenko Bloc with a request to include it into the Bloc as a separate political force the same way, as the Reforms and Order Party was included into the Bloc.


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