Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hm... if thats the mother-in-law...

// 14.05.2007 // 12:55 //
Mother-in-Law Knifed Her Son-in-Law & Celebrated it with Cake
The dreadful incident happened in Poltava: the mother-in-law finished her lustful son-in-law off who had been humiliating his family.

As it became known from sources, long-term family conflict between mother-in-law and son-in-law ended with a cruel murder because male, 37 often drank alcohol, met with his lovers and did not bring up his children.
His wife was rather patient and calm. But mother-in-law was so anxious about her daughter and grandchildren that had been swearing with her son-in-law.

The tragedy happened when male again came home being drunk and turned his wife, mother-in-law and two children out. The pensioner returned home, took a knife in the kitchen and beat her son-in-law with a knife.
Wounded male tried to rescue himself. He ran out to the entryway calling for help. But his mother-in-law ran home down and hit him with a knife for 8 times.

Neighbors had heard the noise and called an ambulance car and militia. But they did not rescue male. He died before the coming of doctors of fatal hemorrhage.
Militia had seen a strange picture: mother-in-law was standing near the bloody corpse and eating the cake. According to neighbors, they saw female was running to the kitchen, took the cake out of refrigerator, returned to the entryway and began to eat.

Currently this female, 56 is detained. She is in the isolation ward. The suspect confessed at the first interrogation she “was dreaming about murder of her son-in-law for a long time”. Law enforcement initiated a suit according to the article “premeditated murder”. Investigation is being carried out.
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