Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sometimes its not that easy finding a parachute...

// 18.05.2007 // 10:04 //
People Living in Skyscrapers to Have Lack of Parachutes
The Cabinet of Ministers intends to prohibit construction of new houses with a height over 25 floors, declared the Minister of Regional redevelopment and construction of Ukraine Vladimir Yatzuba.

“I promise I will not sign any documents about these constructions” declared Yatzuba.

According to Minister, regulations of these constructions have not been still worked out. Minister is anxious about victims in the case of fires in these skyscrapers.
“If something happens, what will we say then? That we did not have money or helicopter?” asked Yatzuba.

He joked the purchasers of apartments living on will have to get parachutes instead of fire extinguishers. Kyiv city hall officials confirmed Minister’s apprehension. They declared “50 percents of fire protection do not work in the skyscrapers during a fire”.
By CN-Novosti daily release


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