Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Protest Naked!

6 September 2007 | 15:53

Ukrainian tax-payers remained without trousers

Naked back is a symbol of honest Ukrainian tax-payer. The supporters of “KUCHMA” bloc have demonstrated it today. They, absolutely naked, have gathered in front of the Tax Administration of Ukraine. They wore only posters and slogans.

“How can we attract authorities’ attention to the reality in the life of ordinary people? Prices are growing. The same situation was only during the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The promises on single tax had not been fulfilled. While authorities spend money taken from our taxes for elections every year we will be deprived even of our trousers,” protesting supporters said.

One of the leaders of “KUCHMA” bloc Lev Mirimsky called the citizens of Ukraine not to pay taxes till the end of elections and to make authorities to report about money of tax-payers.


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